Crosby Registers His First Gordy Howe Hattrick!

Jason HackettAnalyst IDecember 21, 2007

Icon Never known for using his fisticuffs, Sid the Kid rallied his team past the Bruins for a 5-4 win in the shootout.

The only thing that was missing from the classic Mr. Hockey image was Crosby going into the corners with his elbows in the air.

The first half of the game saw the Penguins take a commanding lead, starting off with Crosby setting up Malkin for his 12th of the year just 55 seconds into the game. Just under eight minutes later Sidney tallied his 16th goal of the season. Three and a half minutes after that Crosby set up Malkin again for his 13th of the year, giving Pittsburgh a healthy three goal lead.

Then, a matchup I have been waiting for for many seasons finally happened. Sort of. George Laraque vs. Zdano Chara, 6'3" 245-lb Laraque against the 6'9" 245-lb tower of power Chara.

It was the fight of dreams. I have been waiting for years—praying, hoping, crossing my fingers every time they were one the ice together. Unfortunately the only thing that happened were two quick punches and a decisive tackle to the ground by Laraque. They play again on Sunday, so I have my fingers crossed (again) for a proper fight!

Five minutes into the second period, Crosby drove into the corner with the puck when he was hit by Andrew Ference. Ference, a stay-at-home bruiser of a defenseman, was trying to rough up Crosby as many would expect in any game against the Pens. This time was different however, as for the first time in his 195 game career, Crosby dropped his gloves. It was a short fight (probably to the delight of Michel Therrien) and it is hard to say who won, but Crosby held up his own and anyone in the hockey world has to respect that!

Christensen scored mid way through the game to put the Penguins into a seemingly insurmountable four goal lead, but following a Gonchar trip to the box, the Bruins sprung back into the game on a Marco Sturm power play goal. Followed by a short handed goal by Axelsson a minute later, the Bruins went into the second intermission down by just two goals and with all of the moment in their favor.

The third period saw the Penguins clamp down defensively trying to get the big W for their team, but 13 minutes into the third Nokelainen scored to bring the Bruins to within one goal. Wideman then powered home the game tying goal on the power play with just under three minutes to go in the third period.

The overtime saw just two shots by the Penguins and none for the Bruins as the game went into a shootout where the Bruins shutout by Ty Conklin, and Christensen and rookie Letang scored on their chances as the Penguins took the shootout two nothing.

Side Note: Kris Letang has been dynamite for the Penguins in the shootout with three goals in the last week and a bit. Crosby had a goal and two helpers, while Armstrong had a three assist night.