WWE Survivor Series:Randy Orton Vs. Wade Barrett-CAUTION:MORE STRONG OPINIONS!

Maria Cane@ItsSocratesCorrespondent IIINovember 21, 2010

photo credit to WWE.com
photo credit to WWE.com

Well, it happened.-Myself

It's the match that was talked about for weeks. Or more accurately, it was the stipulation that was talked about for weeks. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE title. If Wade Barrett won, Cena is freed. If Wade Barret lost, Cena is fired. No  ifs, ands, or buts about it(yet).

Let's begin with analysis of the match itself. For me, it was better than the first matchup at Bragging Rights, but not all that better. I noticed that numerous of both competitor's movesets were again limited and cut for time tonight. Playing with each other from the start due to being too focused on Cena. Randy Orton obviously tried his best to get the crowd focused on the actually matchup when he quickly set up for the RKO in the midst of the usually" LET'S GO CENA! CENA SUCKS!" chants.

Whoever keeps choreographing this matchup obviously doesn't care about the Orton vs. Barrett match itself as much as just getting to the Cena part. Like watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 and just getting to the Crazy 88 scene. Or like watching reruns of Dallas and just fast forwarding on DVR/TiVO to the cat fights.

Anyways, towards the end of the matchup Barrett takes complete control. Tons of close call counts that obviously sets up the climax of the moment. Barrett does his finisher, and Orton is just able to grab tightly to the ropes. Frustration, Barrett looks to Cena obviously for answers.

His frustration finally gets the best of him with the last close call count. Barrett gets in Cena's face. Then shoves him. Crunch time. Everything coming to an head. All the memories, all what has happened in the past two months. Barrett is Kobe Bryant who passes the ball to Cena a Derek Fisher in the last four seconds of the forth quarter, who contemplates whether or not to take the shot.

And then it happens.

Cena shoves Barrett back into the RKO. Orton goes for the pin.

One,two.....three. Orton retains the title. And Cena is "fired".

Now, let me just be frank: I literally started to laugh my ass off. Literally. The same kind of laugh I laughed when Lebron James announced that he was going to sign with the Miami Heat.

It was coming. In my last MC Report, I commented heavily on how the writers have an inability to not only continue the storylines decently, but actually finish them decently. Though I don't think this storyline of Nexus/Cena is over by a long shot, the writers to be obviously dropped the ball again.

All I can think is, they rather have Cena even be "kayfabe" fired than to have him to turn heel like so many people hoped and dreamed. Just like Lebron James would rather lead a spectacle of media coverage than lead his team to a NBA title. 

It was a huge hint to me that any sort of hope of Cena turning heel and definitely turning heel tonight was dashed with all the rumors about Undertaker's sticky injury situation and how it will affect him come Mania time. Like with any bumps, my mind told me that it would give the writers even more initiative to take another cop out on this storyline. So they can sit back and say "WELL, WE WERE GONNA DO SO AND SO, BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED! SO WE DID THE NEXT BEST THING!"

While I definitely think other things came into play, I have a strong inclination that above anything else, Cena's chances of turning heel depending the most on Undertaker. What other reason would they have for Nexus randomly interfering in Taker's "Buried Alive" match with Kane? What other reason as to why Barrett suddenly when on about the "big plan," as if Nexus was the Illuminati?

But with Undertaker's injury being very serious according to word of mouth and already people changing up their ideas on what will happen at Wrestlemania, it gave the writers the last huge nudge that they needed to pull another fast one on us and come out.

Cena isn't really going to be "fired". No matter how much they have him go into stands kissing babies and saying his goodbyes. That's totally out of the question, unless something huge happened backstage and the trusty dusty dirtsheets weren't fast enough to get a hold of the news.

Sorry TNA, but Cena won't be coming your way anytime soon.

The only question now is, when will Cena come back to extract his revenge from Nexus. Face it, that's how it will probably go. Cena making his triumphant return, and taking down the evil leader in Wade Barrett. Hell, Barrett losing tonight may only be the initializing of the revenge Cena will tend to want to serve on Barrett's plate extra hot with cheese.

The best thing though I see coming out of all of this is, Randy Orton may actually have his moment again with the title. I'm mostly high on Barrett myself, but I do think it is still too soon to put the title on him. And that moment should be saved for something greater, not for a PPV that WWE has been on the fence about keeping.

John Cena tonight was Derek Fisher in the forth quarter, but it's up to you to decide whether or not the WWE creative team made the shot.

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