Death of A Legend...

David CookContributor IAugust 30, 2008

Walter "Killer" Kowalski Has Passed Away.  Kowalski Was An Amazing In-ring Performer, Whos Famous 1952 Match Against Yukon Eric, In Wich Kolwalski Performed A Diving Knee Drop, Severing Part Of Yukon Erics Ear, Made him One Of The Most Feared Heels Of His Time.  In Addition To Being A Wrestler, And Capturing Many Titles, Including The NWA Americas Heavyweight Championship, And The WWWF World Tag Team Championship With Big John Stud, He Also Started And Ran A Wrestling School.  Many Of The Superstars We Watch Today Were Trained By Kowalski, Who Himself Was Trained By Lou Thesz. Of The Wrestlers Trained by Kowalski, Current WWE Champion Triple H Is Probably The Most Known.  Others include Perry Saturn, John Kronus, Chyna, A-Train, And Kenny Dykstra.

On August 8th, 2008 Kowalski Suffered a Major Heart Attack, And Was Put On Life Support. He Reamined On Life Support Until August 18th.  He Died A Few Short Weeks Later On August 30th.

Anyone Who Has Been A Fan Of Wrestling For The Last Few Years Knows Who "Killer" Kowalski Is, And Knows His Contributions To The Buisness.  He Was Inducted Into The Wwe Hall Of Fame In 1996, And The Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame In 2003.

He Will Be Missed, By Wrestlers, And Fans Alike.

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