Just How Important Is Joe Paterno To Penn State Football?

Geremy GrahamCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

Joe Paterno
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It doesn't have has much of a ring to it as 400, but it is another added to Joe Paterno's impressive record.

Believe it or not, Joe Paterno's impressive 401 wins ranks among the greatest in all of college football history, but it isn't technically the best.

John Gagliardi of Carroll College and St. John's University amassed an amazing 471 wins over his 60 year coaching career.

He is the all-time leader in wins for a college football head coach.

Even though his wins came with a division III school in tiny St. John's College in Minnesota, Gagliardi may have a record that will never be broken.

Second in the rankings is Eddie Robinson who was a head coach at Grambling State until 1997, who amassed 408 wins in his head coaching career.

And next, as you guessed, is Joe Paterno.

Happy Valley's beloved head coach with an amazing 401 wins all with Penn State.

From 1966-present, Joe Paterno has survived Big Ten conference competition with one of the best football programs in the country.

He is the only coach in college football history to coach just one team, in division one competition, and win over 400 times. 

That is an impressive record, and despite the fact that he is third in the rankings, Paterno's success with Penn State football is nothing short of remarkable.

Not only has Paterno gained 401 wins with a Penn State University that competes in a very tough division one Big Ten conference, but he did it only with Penn State.

He started with Penn State, and he is going to end with Penn State.

With 401 wins, it is next to impossible to predict when Joe Paterno will throw in the towel, let alone what his final record will be as head coach.

This is the first reason why I sat down to write this article, to predict what his final record will be.

But to tell you the truth, Paterno could retire this year, he could retire in five.  You just never know.  So I decided to come to a different conclusion through writing this article

He has already cemented his name as one of the greatest figures in all of  sports by getting over 400 wins in division one college football competition, the other wins are just icing on the cake.

There is one thing that I think will be necessary in order to show Joe Paterno the respect he deserves for all he did for Penn State football and for all of college football.

Name one of the greatest stadiums in the world after one of the greatest legends in the history of sports.

This could be the beginning of showing Paterno just how important he is.

Beaver Stadium is the second largest stadium in the western hemisphere and the fourth largest sports stadium in the entire world.

Now it's time to start a new place to showcase "The Greatest Show In College Football."

Joe Paterno Stadium.


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