WWE News: Possible Plans for John Cena Revealed.

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIINovember 24, 2010

ST. PETERSBURG - JULY 27:  Actor John Cena takes in the game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Detroit Tigers at Tropicana Field on July 27, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
J. Meric/Getty Images

It has been a busy week so far in the world of wrestling. I just read a couple of things that I think I should share with everybody.

The first is something I think a lot of you may have already read. That is, an article about WWE advertising a "Juan Cena," John's Mexican cousin, for upcoming house events.

Alarm bells are going off in my head—does anyone else hear them? Just imagine Cena in a mask, still going after Barrett. It's a little repetitive. Hope it does not transcend to the television shows.

Another interesting event is John Cena (via Twitter) saying that he has gotten tickets for Raw in Philly and he hopes that Barrett continues taking shortcuts. This comes after he warned Barrett that if he continued to take shortcuts it would come back to haunt him.

Maybe it would be a similar Matt Hardy/Drew McIntyre fiasco where the banned Hardy would come to the show as a fan and confront McIntyre.

There was already evidence of this on Monday Night Raw, where the "fired" Cena did the "hit and run" from the crowd, costing Barrett the WWE title. Guess we'll be seeing him at ringside, if not in the thick of things. 

I really did not think of either one of these as possible routes for Cena to be reintroduced to WWE. Did anyone else think so? And do you think it is a good idea?