Wrestlemania: What If We Got To Choose a Storyline

Ramblin ManContributor IINovember 26, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22:   Vince McMahon attends a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)
Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

I know a lot of us watch certain feuds and say "Hey, I can easily write a better storyline than that."

Well, I have just done that—try to write my own main event storyline for Wrestlemania, seeing as how Vince's big idea of Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker surprisingly fell through.

What would you say to a main-event angle that would put both Linda McMahon and Vince McMahon at each other's neck about the television content ratings.

Vince will come out and publicly apologize to the WWE universe for supporting his wife's Senate race and making RAW suffer. Linda will back PG ratings, stating that it protects families under this rating and it keeps wrestling all about the action.

Vince will then go on a tear, stating that it is his company and he can do what he wants. Linda will threaten divorce and say she will get 50 percent of decision making. Vince tries to bully her and threatens to use legal action to protect his product.

A masked man will attack Mr. McMahon every time he appears on RAW. Eventually, this leads to a stalemate—Linda gets to run RAW PG and Vince can run Smackdown TV 14.

Unfortunately, this doesn't last long, as the masked man begins to appear on Smackdown and begins to attack many of their stars.

The storyline will hit its highest point three weeks before Wrestlemania, when Linda reveals the masked man as John Cena. Cena will explain he did it because he wanted to keep the show safe for his young fans and the rest of Cenation (typical Cena speech).

Vince appears on the TitanTron and makes a huge proposition: Cena vs. a man of Vince's choosing to face one-on-one at Wrestlemania, the manager of the winning wrestler gets to choose the TV content rating for both shows.

Cena accepts the challenge and says he has taken out everyone on both rosters each time Vince tries to retaliate against him and Linda.

Vince smiles and says, "You're right, John, you have, but I'm not going for a wrestler currently on the roster. I am going for a wrestler who not only wrestled during the TV 14 era but also made the TV 14 era."

The usual awkward silence before, Stone Cold's music hits and Cena looks surprised. They exchange blows before security comes out to eject Stone Cold from the building.

And there you have it: Stone Cold Vs. John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania 27 for the rating change, buyrate increase, and improved rating situation. What do you guys think?