Boston Celtics Fan's Letter To LeBron James: Thanks for Leaving Cleveland

Ethan BackCorrespondent INovember 28, 2010

Take Me Back To Cleveland!
Take Me Back To Cleveland!Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Dear LeBron,

As a die-hard Boston Celtics fan, I cannot thank you enough for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers this past offseason. I won't even bother mentioning "The Decision" and the chaos that ensued; this is all about basketball. I understand that nowadays, being a professional athlete comes with other responsibilities, amongst them satisfying the nation through media. So I'm going to thank you for how your actions will affect the actual GAMES in the NBA this season. Before this gets too negative, I bet you like the weather down there more than Cleveland.

When you agreed to join the Miami Heat this summer, I was incredibly happy. It is true that you would be joining two other perennial all-stars, but I was able to see past the surface. The bottom line is, you and Dwyane play similar games, and when Chris isn't the go-to-guy, his role is severely diminished.

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So while most of the nation was talking about "how many titles will they win?" or "can they win 70 games?" I was wondering how long the new "Big Three" would last in Miami. Now that your team (or Dwyane's team) is hovering above .500, more people are seeing what I saw. You guys can simply out-talent inferior teams, but against proven teams like the Celtics and straight-up better teams like the Lakers, Mavericks, Spurs and maybe even the Hornets and Magic, you would struggle.

I'm not saying that it's out of the question that you will not regroup and finish the season in a strong fashion, but when the playoffs come around, I would much rather face a 2010-11 Miami Heat team than a 2007-2010 Cleveland Cavaliers squad.

Back when you were the hometown hero, everything on the court went through you. AND IT WORKED BRILLIANTLY!!! Honestly, your title was bound to come soon, and you would get all the credit for breaking the city's curse. Playing against you in the playoffs was just about as scary as encountering Chuck Norris in the boxing ring...on second thought, playing you in the playoffs was even scarier. You aren't known as a shooter, but you hit that shot against Orlando.

What makes you special, LeBron, is that you had the rare ability to acquire skills in the playoffs that you don't really possess during the regular season. That was when you ran the show. Things look a little awkward in South Beach at the end of games; who gets the last shot: you or the man who carried the franchise to a title just five years ago? You and Dwyane aren't great complements for each other, and the relationship looks a little forced (as of now).

So if we meet up in the playoffs this season, I will love watching the struggle within your team for who gets the ball in pressure situations. Back in Cleveland, it was you every time, and honestly, at times, you were the only one who had the ability to stop yourself. And that's just what you did against the Celtics last year. This year, I think a potential meeting will be much easier.

I know you can use the haters for motivation, and try to prove the doubters wrong, but I really can't see it happening this season. So thanks for going to Miami and eliminating a contender in the east in the process.


Appreciative Boston Celtics Fans

P.S. Delonte's on our team now...