Diego Forlán Really Ready To Leave Atletico and End Up In Brazil? Appears So!

Andre RojterCorrespondent INovember 29, 2010

Voted the best player during this summers World Cup in South Africa, Diego Forlán hasn't been shy of announcing his desire to leave Atletico Madrid and return to his home continent of South America.

The only two questions now are 1) which country will he end up in and 2) will any team in South America be able to fork over the 36 million Euro fine imposed by his current club in the case of a transfer.

Of course this amount of money instantly narrows the field down to just a handful of capable sides, but we must also not forget the desire to have this worked out as a loan transfer or the fact that 98 percent of these "transfer fees" involving South America are simply put ink on paper and not anything concrete.

Pablito Forlán, Diegos brother and agent, confirmed his brothers desire to play closer to his home nation now that he is 31-years-old and on the downhill side of his career.

He stated that there are clubs in Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil who he has contacted with the hopes of striking a deal soon.

Taking a look at what possible teams actually have a shot the field again is narrow, I personally do not believe he would end up in Mexico because the quality of the league and game would be too much of a drop off for someone who is still clearly capable of spectacular plays.

During his youth career in Uruguay, he played for Montevideo giants Peñarol one of the only two clubs in Uruguay who could ever hope to land the star, Nacional being the other.

However, I still do not see it ending there as these two sides really do not have the funds for the move.

In Argentina we have Indepediente, the club Diego first played profesionally, and of course River Plate and Boca Juniors. Estudiantes could also be in the mix, having a great team who is just two years out of winning the Copa Libertadores.

The current financial situation enflicting the both the Argentinian federation and its club members would make it almost impossible to succeed in any attempt.

This leaves us with the last possible destination brought out by Diego's agent, Brazil. The two front runners at the moment would be the nations two largest clubs, Flamengo of Rio and Corinthians of São Paulo. According to Diego's father, Pablo, both clubs will send personnel to look into the possibility of the transfer coming to fruition.

I personally believe that if he does leave Spain he will end up at Corinthians, and before anyone accuses me of being a homer, here I do have good reasons for thinking this.

Quoted late last week, Fabiano Farah, the agent for Corinthians poster boy Ronaldo, stated that he has already been personally contacted by the Forlan camp to inquire on the desire of having Diego defend the São Paulo club during next year, especially in an attempt to help Corinthians lift the 2011 Copa Libertadores.

Having Ronaldo instantly gives Corinthians a step above all other South American teams when it comes to attracting top flight, although likely past their prime, talent from the old continent.

He was the reason Roberto Carlos joined this past year, and he is the main protagonist in the current drama of trying to snag Adriano back from Roma to join the possible (way old) dream team in South America.