You Can't See Me...Really, You Can't, I'm Wearing A Mask: John Cena Returns

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIINovember 29, 2010

I had a dream about two weeks ago, I was at a match and there were about fifteen John Cenas, I was very confused (and excited). It seems as if WWE Creative had a similar dream and as predicted John Cena is back in WWE. He is using a mask to hide his identity. His character is now Juan Cena, John’s Mexican cousin, and he made his debut in the WWE house shows. He looks like Cena and dresses like him and fights like him.I guess they are really close cousins.Also, John Cena is back on RAW taking care of Nexus as a fan. I like to be objective in these kinds of debates and once again I will try to look at the both sides of the writers’ newest decision in WWE.

What is so wrong about this new gimmick?

1.)    Repetitive: It has been done before, over and over. Hulk Hogan/Mr. America, Matt Hardy/Drew McIntyre etc. Fans want something new. Also, John Cena vs Nexus is getting old.

2.)    Lacks Credibility: It makes the excellent farewell promotion from last week seem meaningless. If Cena wants to spend time with his family and hold his head high the stipulations should have been held.  Also, ‘Juan’ is too much like John Cena, at least change the clothes. Credibility is important especially since the entire fan base is not under age and does not like being made out to look stupid. (RAW really needs better security if they can let ‘John’ run all over the place like that.)

3.)    Counter-productive: It goes against all that the John Cena character stands for. If he really is all about respect and loyalty he would remain true to his word and stay ‘fired’ and not try to weasel his way back in no matter how good his intentions are.

4.)    The Mask: This is viewed by many as a serious disrespect to the Mexican wrestlers. The luchador mask represents something much more than an apparatus to hide an identity. It is a symbol of respect and honour. Many see the use of the mask as counteracting its true meaning.

5.)    Racist?:This point is similar to the last one. But it all depends on how the ‘Juan Cena’ will be played. With WWE PG programming, the point is to make television more ‘child’ friendly. I hope that this does not turn out to be a case where the character ends up being a racist stereotype. This is just as bad as blood and violence.

6.)    It is too soon: Like the earlier points, credibility is important and leaving him fired for longer than a week would have been more believable. At least ‘John’ could have remained in the crowd (if he had to be there) and not cause so much drama.

7.)    Money: Would more money have been made on ‘John Cena Experience’ if he remained fired?

What are the possibilities for this new turn?

1.)    Shocker: It was a real surprise for everyone. I do not think that anyone saw this (Juan) as the avenue that would be taken to reinstate John Cena. Perhaps because we thought it was too repetitive. It certainly had us looking at RAW to see if ‘Juan’ or John would make an appearance.

2.)    Character Change: There have been many complaints that the John Cena character should be re-thought. Some of the mature fans have been complaining that the character has become stagnant and therefore predictable. This certainly puts a spin on the character and we are not sure what to expect. On the other hand, we will be back at square one if ‘Juan’ not only looks like Cena and uses the same moves, but acts like him.

3.)    ‘Never give up’: This may be his way of trying to finish what he promised, namely, rid WWE of the Nexus. It also helps his purpose because now he is free from the confines of the Nexus and WWE so he can do as he pleases.

4.)    Money: John has been the face of WWE and they feel like they cannot , how can I put this nicely...make enough money without him. This would explain why he is back after just one week, why Juan is wearing the same merchandise and there is the added bonus that the mask may be a money maker too.

5.)    Opportunities: There is the possibility for many other stories to develop out of this one. The heat with the Nexus is still going on and has not been given time to die down. Now Orton has even more reason to hate them (and the Miz) and perhaps all the storylines will come into one with Orton, Cena (whichever one), Barret and Miz all feuding with one another, what a four-way that would make. Otunga can pull his Nexus comrades closer as now they are the ones being hunted and they will blame Barrett. There can be many other predictions and I invite you to tell me yours.

While I feel sorry for those who do not like Cena, they now have to deal with two, I am sceptical about bashing the newest  idea too much. Perhaps we need a little more time to see how it goes. I will also try to lay off the John Cena articles for a while as well, maybe it causes the weird dreams. Thanks for the read.