King of the Ring: Why John Morrison or Alberto Del Rio Should Have Won

Jack WindhamAnalyst INovember 29, 2010

Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio

Earlier tonight, Sheamus won the King of the Ring tournament.

Sadly, though, there were two choices that would have been much better. Either Alberto Del Rio or John Morrison should have been the one to sit in the throne at the end of the night. Those two guys needed the win a lot more than Sheamus did.

When you win the King of the Ring tournament, your career gets a boost. That means that you're about to receive a push towards the main event.

Sheamus already is on that level. Morrison and Del Rio are not.

Morrison is on the verge of the biggest push of his career. Management slowly started boosting his credibility during the latter half of 2010. They even believed in him enough to give him a clean pin fall victory over Sheamus, a former WWE champion, at the Survivor Series.

Management has even teased an on screen relationship with Melina again, which would provide a boost to his popularity.

Del Rio is another guy who is on the verge of receiving a big push. WWE already has him working against a big star in Rey Mysterio. They protected him at the Survivor Series by allowing him to be eliminated without actually losing. The creative team even had the current US champion tapping out to him in the first round of the tournament. 

Either of those guys would have been better choices for WWE tonight.