Matt Hardy: Alternate Ending

Pavitar SidhuCorrespondent INovember 30, 2010

You've seen a scenario for Matt Hardy in TNA. Consider this the alternate ending that could make him a bigger star than Jeff Hardy.

Instant Disclaimer

Lets get this out of the way now. In my opinion, this is what should happen, (but probably will never, EVER happen). A lot of you will probably take a second once you've finished reading this and love it like your first girlfriend. The rest of you will hate it like your last ex-wife. There will probably be zero people in the middle, and that's why this is so good. If you don't like it, it's okay and if you love it, that's okay too.


Matt Hardy to TNA

So we know that this has a 99.99 percent chance of happening. It is probably as definite as Hulk Hogan saying "brother!" at some point in the future. It's just a matter of when.

TNA simply cannot afford to pass up on this opportunity, and Matt Hardy simply cannot pass up working for the second biggest American pro wrestling promotion. It is a win/win situation where both sides get what they want regardless; it's going to happen. There is a story line already in place and ready to go. This plan of attack is what is expected and, for many, is what should be expected.

As I've said before on a few occasions, when wrestlers transition from one promotion to another, 90 percent of the time their persona in their previous place of work has to be carried over to their new place of work in order to keep the connection alive which allows fans at the previous stop to migrate over to the new crib.

TNA would do it justice to bring the Hardy Boyz back together while also keeping Matt Hardy as a sort of Scottie Pippen to Jeff Hardy's Michael Jordan. Give him shine, but make sure the fact that he is still second best to Jeff Hardy remains strong. Keep the cosmic balance of WWE, and pro wrestling lore, alive.

These "truths" are where it all stops for me.


Matt Hardy: Alternate Ending, (Or New Beginning)?

All of the above is expected, but lazy. It falls on what pro wrestling is currently built upon. This is TNA's shot to shake things up in a big way, and they have all of the tools to do it already in house.

Now then, lets break Matt Hardy down. Lets get to the guts of what he currently is and why he could skyrocket in TNA.

  • He is a viral dynamo
  • He still feels he has something to prove
  • He is a far better wrestler than people give him credit for
  • He wants out from underneath Jeff Hardy's shadow, even if he will never admit it
  • He is very bitter towards WWE
  • On top of that, he was very critical of the politics in WWE
  • Like so many others, he didn't like how his character was handled in WWE
  • He never claimed the major title(s), so he still has that hunger

This list of things reads like so many action movies of the past, present, and future. Hero is wronged. Hero wants to make things right. Hero slashes through hundreds of people to achieve his goal. Hero is loved. TNA should use that, and only that. With that information, they should go a different route, and unleash Matt Hardy onto the world like a celestial plague. Something that people want to be infected by.

The Teaser Trailers

Have somebody do say, four or five "coming soon" promos, (personally, I'd hire Raven to do it because that's kind of the mood I'd like to see TNA insert into Matt Hardy).

Have him talk about the wrongs of the business, the wrongs of family, the wrongs of ignorant people digesting whatever they are fed via the internet. Have him say that all of the wrongs will be set right, in time. Have these promos get more and more intense. Give them the sense that somebody is about to burst onto the scene in TNA. Make it seem like it's going to be somebody new, because it is.

Through all of this, never mention Matt Hardy.

The Arrival

This, like our first scenario, needs to be done in direct contact with Jeff Hardy, who hopefully is still the champion, still a bad guy, and still aligned with Immortal Fortune. It is the selling point.

It should be done on a live show, after a PPV, before any matches have taken place. Jeff Hardy and co. need to be in the ring, gloating over whatever triumphs they've achieved the night before.

That's when the lights should dim, and an eerie—and quite alternative rock—anthem should begin to play. Around 10 seconds later, a very different, (and hopefully in tremendous shape), Matt Hardy appears from the mist. He should stand atop the ramp looking like a Hardy Boy looks, but cleaner. He should look like he did as a member of the brood, but matured. He should soak up the enormous ovation, but not react to it, at all.

He should slowly make his way to the ring constantly looking up at an applauding Jeff Hardy and stable. He should methodically make his way through the ropes, and as Jeff Hardy rushes to hug him, he should put his arm out to stop him.

"Stop the Music..."—Nothing else.


The Alternate Angle

Matt Hardy should simply say that he is not here for the games.

He should make it known that he is not here for any sort of union. He should say that he is not here for the politics or the war going on backstage. He should look Jeff Hardy in the eye, and tell him that he is here for the TNA World Heavyweight Title and that he will claim it for himself. He should say that he will take it from Jeff, or anybody else that should have it when it is his time to challenge for it.

He should say that he will not use the strength of the Hardy name. Rather, he will use the ranking system as an "assassination checklist." He should say that he will start at the bottom, and...

"One by one, step by step, I will make my way to the top."

With that, he should attempt to leave before somebody other than Jeff Hardy tries to stop him in an attempt to get him to join the stable. A vicious twist of fate should instantly be unleashed upon this person, and Matt Hardy will then leave.

No frills, no angles, no jokes, no gimmicks, no failures. Matt Hardy should simply walk out there, every week, put on an amazing match with somebody, win, and walk out. When his road to the title gets threatened, he should "black out" and go all Hardy Boyz on somebody (because yeah, he doesn't use a lot of the high flying moves like Jeff, but Matt does know how to take to the air).

He should reject X Title matches. TV Title matches. In his bitterness and with his tunnel vision, he should only be looking at the World Title.

This plan of attack will give him the same credibility that the other plan of attack would have given him, but this plan leaves his credibility intact long after the angle is over.

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

An evil demented Jeff Hardy has now come to the realization, after repeated failed attempts to convince his brother to join him, that he will have to slay this challenger himself. A focused (and evenly demented—yet differently demented) Matt Hardy is close now. He doesn't even see his brother. He only sees the title, and he is ready to take it.

The match should be a "basic match" with no cages, barbed wire, or lumberjills. In saying that, obviously it's going to have all of the stupid-insane Hardy Boyz type material. It should be a grand spectacle, and because of this, TNA will have two headlining Hardy Boys. In the end, there can only be one winner of course. The winner of the match would be...


Closing Thoughts

Personally, I would tune in every single week or catch it online to see this new Matt Hardy. He is actually a better fit in TNA than Jeff is when it comes to wrestling, and with a story line like this, he could equal, or even surpass Jeff Hardy in terms of TNA popularity.

I also think it'd be a great business decision. Why have one uber-marketable Hardy when you could have two?

By the way, who would you have win that match? I know who I'd have winning it in my head and why. Perhaps I'll share that later on...

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