Vintage Feud: What Is WWE Planning Between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler?

Ben GartlandAnalyst IINovember 30, 2010

Will we see an epic feud between these two?
Will we see an epic feud between these two?

Jerry the King Lawler is ascending the ladder. Every step he takes is like a step on hot coals. Wait, what!? Michael Cole is in the Ring! Oh, no I’m ashamed of Michael Cole here. Cole is completely out of line here!

Last night WWE Hall of Famer Jerry the King Lawler got his first ever WWE championship shot. It was a better match than most of the IWC expected, showing that the King still has it in him to put on a good match. Well anyways, after pushing Miz off the turnbuckle down through a table, Lawler was all alone in the ring with only a climb up the ladder separating him from the prestigious WWE championship.

Enter Michael Cole.

Cole interfered, pulling Lawler down from the ladder and ruining his best opportunity at the WWE championship. Both men played their parts well, with Cole’s Miz obsession showing a whole new level. Lawler circled Cole around the ring yelling at him before doing what many members of the IWC has been wanting to do for a long time—punching the hell out of Michael Cole.

Meanwhile, Miz recovered from the fall and climbed up the ladder, knocked Lawler off the ladder and regained his WWE championship, thereby probably ending Lawler’s only chance at the prestigious title.

So where does this go from here?

Throughout the history of the wrestling business we’ve seen wrestlers feud with each other, managers, the boss and even fans. We have even seen commentators from different brands feud with each other, but we have never seen a feud with commentators from the same table. We’ve seen commentators have disagreements but they are usually short-lived and are only used to keep the match interesting.

However, we’ve never seen anything like this from the broadcast table which leads me and the rest of the IWC to wonder if WWE has something up their sleeves.

How exactly would a feud like this go about? That’s what can make this feud so good is that we have no idea what to expect. Here are a few ways this feud could end up.

1) They have a match: After some heated verbal debates, they will finally come to blows. Then the anonymous general manager of Raw will announce that at TLC, there will be a match between Lawler and Cole. This isn’t the end that many of us are hoping for because while Lawler can put on a decent match, Cole has no prior wrestling experience and would ruin the entire thing.

2) They have representatives fight a match for them: This would be like Wrestlemania 23 where Vince McMahon and Donald Trump chose Umaga and Bobby Lashley respectively to fight for them in the battle of the billionaires. We can all assume that Michael Cole would choose the Miz, but who would King take? Daniel Bryan Danielson perhaps?

3) Loser leaves table: After said match, the loser would end up having to leave the broadcast table either to be signed by Smackdown or to be fired. If one of them gets fired, that opens up the table for either CM Punk or maybe a returning JR.


No matter which direction WWE decides to go with this (assuming they do go somewhere with this) we’re in for a wild ride with something finally different. I don’t know about you, but I know I am anxiously awaiting next week’s Raw.


Ben Gartland