College Football's All-Paris Hilton Team: Week One Edition

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

Week One of the long awaited College Football season is in the books, and boy was it worth the wait. We had 300-yard rushers, upsets, and Michigan losing in The Big House for the second straight year, and not to mention the fact that we all had to face the reality that it was time to turn off the Appy State game and to stop our procliaming that "this is the drive" and "they only need one score and they'll get going."

Well we had our duds and studs and I'm here to bring you the stars of College Football's first week. Though they whole week wasn't pretty, every one of these performances that made this article were. So without further adieu here are the "Paris Hiltons" of College Football Week One.


College Football's All-Paris Hilton Team: Week One Edition



Juice Williams, Illinois

26-42 for 451 Yards and five TD's

Cue the whole "Juice is Loose" saying as Juice had a great game. Granted it was a stagered Mizzou defense, he still threw for a wopping 451 yards with 5 TD's.


Honorable Mention

Graham Harrell, Texah Tech

43-58 for 536 Yards and two TD's

Mr. Harrell could find himself on here a lot this year for one main reason being the system he's in. Harrell gleamed throwing for 536 yards and 2 TD's.


Running Back

P.J. Hill, Wisconsin

26 Carries for 210 Yards with two TD's

The Wisconsin Winnebago truly dominated Akron by rushing for 210 Yards . P.J. Could be in for a huge year and is a Darkhorse Heisman Candidate.


Honorable Mention

Shun White, Navy

19 Carries 338 Yards and three TD's

Wow! I mean I know it's Towson, but these are astronomical numbers! The newest product of the Navy Running Game.


Wide Receiver

Sammie Stroughter, Oregon State

12 Catches for 157 Yards and two TD's

It's a Sammie Stroughter Sighting! As Stroughter sat out last year he looks in for another big year with the Beavers


Honorable Mentions

Naaman Rosevelt, Buffalo

Four Catches for 154 and two TD's

I had to give some love to Naaman Roosevelt. I mean seriously this man deserves his own TV show.


Mark Dell, Michigan State

Nine Catches for 202 Yards and one TD

Dell looks to be the go to guy in a Michigan State offense where Devin Thomas emerged last year.


Offensive/Defensive Lines

Navy Offensive Line

558 Rushing Yards

As I said earlier, I know it's Towson, but still, you have to give credit where credit is due, they completely deserve all the credit they can get for rushing for 600 yards!


Honorable Mention

Illinois Pass Protection

Allowed 451 Yards and five TD's

This was great as the whole line stepped up and proved strong for Juice and the Ilini faithful.



South Carolina

South Carolina shuts out NC State 38-0

While the offense was putrid (nice word) in the first 3 quarters, the defense dominated and proves to be the only thing holding them up this year.


Honorable Mention

Florida Gators

Florida gives up only 10 points to a potent Hawaii Offense

While they aren't what they were last year, they still are a good offense and Florida completely stomped them. Not to mention LB Brandon Spikes missed the game as well.



Louie Sakoda, Utah

4-4 FG's with a Career Long of 53

Sakoda was amazing and proved to be the difference between Utah upsetting Michigan in The Big House. He also punts, the man does it all!


Honorable Mention

Alex Henery, Nebraska

4-4 FG with all of them being between 40-49 yards.

This man stepped up, yielding 17 points and coming through in the clutch. The man has ice in his veins.