The Battle for the Governors Cup

Chad HoganCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

The Chiefs take the Governors Cup back with a 21-17 preseason win over the Rams.

It was a good game for the Chiefs even though the Rams didn't play many of they're starters, and the Chiefs didn't play stars such as Tony Gonzalez, Larry Johnson, and Branden Albert.

Not much to take from this game, but you can't normally from the 4th preseason games.



Edwards and Harris are a little rusty but they shook some of that off Thursday against the Rams. Its key for the Chiefs to keep these linebackers healthy and in shape for the regular season. I don't think Chiefs fans have to worry about Derrick Johnson because he is healthy and in his prime.



DaJuan Morgan did great! He had six tackles, one int, and one pass deflection. I like what he brings to the table and I think the Chiefs will use him well.

I think Flowers will be the one to watch in the secondary this year though, he's shown us some of his skills and im impressed with what he's done so far.


Full Back

Its a weird position to talk about but im loving Mike Cox. He is a great guy to dump the ball off to. He looks more like a TE and O-lineman combined with some decent speed. He only caught six balls in preseason but he caught them for 64 yards.


Running Game

I know the Rams didn't have all their starters in but the Chiefs running game was great. Battle rushed for 55 yards on nine attempts for 6.1 yards a carry. Smith rushed for 38 yards on six attempts—6.3 yards a carry. Charles rushed for 43 yards with six attempts—7.2 yards a carry. They rushed for 157 yards with a average of 4.0 yards a carry all without Larry (I included the rushes by the QB's also, without the QB's it would be 4.9 yards a carry).



I've been saying this for a long, long time to get rid of Bobby Sippio, and I think Herm heard me. I also hated Will Svitek and I'm so glad he's gone. 

I hope the Chiefs choose their kicker well because Nick Novak is the kicker for the Chiefs now.

Heres the list of the players with their position that were cut by the Chiefs:

Anthony Alabi(T), Michael Allan(TE), Jabari Arthur(WR),Rashad Barksdale(CB), Connor Barth(K), Khayyam Burns(S), Johnny Dingle(DE), Edwin Harrison(G), Sergiori Joachim(WR), E.J. Kuale(LB), Travis Leffew(G), Derek Lokey(DT), Chris Manderino(FB), Kevin McMahan(WR), Steve Octavien(LB), Jason Parker(DE), LeRue Rumph(LB), Bobby Sippio(WR), Rob Smith(C), Tre Stallings(G), and Will Svitek(T).


Thanks for reading and I appreciate any comments!