Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers Prove Ready for the SEC Championship Game

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 13:  Quarterback Cameron Newton #2 of the Auburn Tigers rushes for a touchdown past Bacarri Rambo #18 of the Georgia Bulldogs at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 13, 2010 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Cam Newton and the 2010 Auburn Tigers have proven that resiliency coupled with team chemistry means more to college athletics than just a talent-laden squad.

Contrasts between the Florida Gators and Auburn's 2010 season substantiate that claim, as Auburn is not nearly as talented across the board as the Gators, but there is something very different here.

The venerable Cam Newton and his teammates have survived furious onslaughts from four of their biggest rivals this season—Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Arkansas—as they were all outplayed, delivering the Tigers to an unscathed and masterful regular season record of 12-0.

The biggest onslaught the Tigers have had to face this season was not the Crimson Tide or Ryan Mallett and his awesome Hogs. It has been the evil and idiocy that men have and will continue to do on the basis of jealousy and envy.

From the top: Cecil Newton and his solicitation for a large sum of money to ensure his son's signature on a letter of intent to attend Mississippi State was the biggest crime committed in this entire ordeal. This created a midseason whirlwind unlike any have ever seen.

However, the biggest antagonist in this modern day lynching of Cam Newton is the media—to especially include the Worldwide Leader in Sports and their so-called "reliable" sources and questionable journalism and media tactics.

Joe Schad's pious approach to expose the Newton family as money-hungry philanderers at the expense of a 21-year-old kid's perceived involvement lacked class and professionalism.

Schad and his headline-hungry reporting that was questionable and unethical at best put a semi-successful spin to feed a society that's guilty of believing everything they see on television and read on the Internet.

What I've always viewed as an undying attempt by ESPN and their programming directors to demean Cam has been glaringly obvious.

Who is willing to go down this rabbit hole of intentional slander or societal-conditioned reporting?

Is Auburn ready for the SEC Championship Game?

The less than flattering pictorial images of Cam during ESPN's prime time lead-in stories since early November have been racially and immorally charged. Don't be fooled.

From Thayer Evans' image of Cam Newton on of his "college cheating" scandal at UF to the now helmeted Cam Newton images airing on ESPN while reporting his eligibility by the NCAA.

Shouldn't the pictorial images now of Newton be of him flashing his impressionable smile? 

Clearly these production-type tactics are to portray Newton as a "mouth-breathing" idiot or just another dumb athlete. Refer to me as overly sensitive or acutely accurate.

Cam Newton is far from the scoundrel that the race-driven media has spun him to be, nor is he the saint many want him to be either.

Cam Newton, for all it is worth, probably serves as one of, if not the best college football player most of us have ever seen. Of course, that is debatable, yet his domination in the 2010 college football season has been undeniable. Period.

Personally I find this to be one of the reasons he is under so much scrutiny, along with the ever present fact he is a young African American.

I fight to say in Cam's defense that he has shown maturity beyond his years. From his arrest for a stolen laptop to his soul-searching journey to Blinn College and his redemptive rise at Auburn, he truly has come so far.

A leader? You better believe it! Through all he has endured over the past month and to deliver at the level he does is both absurd, and it's unflinching to Cam and his fellow teammates.

The following links are small webisodes from Auburn: Every Day by AuburnAthletics HD program.

Get to know the team 'cause tonight's gonna be a good good night!

Glue, chemistry, unity, the many players' roles and their relationship to the team's overall success. The power of a leadership environment that is both fun and family-oriented. Trust.

I encourage you to watch another webisode of the 2010 Auburn Tigers, and you will see that they are for real!

Team confidence; better yet, team trust. Just ask UGA!

Making a wow play every game—just ask the Crimson Tide and the 100,000-plus fans at Bryant-Denny on a day that will go down in infamy! WDE.

I ask you, are the Tigers ready for the SEC Championship Game?

You better believe it!


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