SEC: The Best College Football Conference or the Greatest?

Charles McClaskeyContributor ISeptember 2, 2008

So week one is over in NCAA football and what's the story? The SEC is still the top conference in collegiate football. The entire conference combined went 10-2 on the opening week. You might say, "Well they didn't play anybody that's good" which may be true, but after last year we know that anyone can lose to anyone at any time.

They beat the opponents they were supposed to beat and in the majority of cases they beat them pretty bad. The one main exception was the Tenn vs. UCLA game which was all in all a great game which could have gone either way, but ended up going to UCLA. Some people look at this game and say well the SEC must be down, but really Tennessee lost their veteran quarterback and was overrated to begin the year.

Just look to the Clemson vs. Alabama game in which Clemson, the supposed ACC Champion and BCS contender, was completely dismantled by what was a mediocre SEC team last year. With high rankings for Alabama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia, it's expected no one in the SEC will go undefeated, but they will probably dominate the bowls they do play as they always do.