Shawn Watson Should Be Fired as Nebraska Football Offensive Coordinator

Joseph CiracoCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2010

If Shawn Watson is unable to secure a head coaching job at a school like Vanderbilt, I don't see how Nebraska doesn't fire its offensive coordinator.

The Cornhuskers defense is good enough to play with anyone in the nation, including Auburn and Oregon.  However, the offense has taken a few steps back—again—and has no identity or direction.

While the coaches aren't on the field fumbling three times or throwing an interception in the red zone or taking seven sacks, they are calling the plays that have no business being called.

How about some creativity?  Stop with the obvious slants to Brandon Kinnie and Mike McNeil and stretch the field!  Everyone, including my pregnant wife, knew what the coaching staff was going to call last night on fourth down and the game on the line.  It's sickening. 

Why is Taylor Martinez even in the game in the fourth quarter?  Earlier in the year against Texas, Martinez was benched because he was ineffective and that should have happened again last night. 

Rex Burkhead was much more effective running the Wildcat than Martinez was the entire game.

Martinez was a miserable 12-for-24 passing for 143 yards and had 14 carries for negative-32 yards.  I already mentioned the seven sacks that came about because he has no idea how to throw the ball away. 

As much credit as I want to give Martinez for playing with a bad ankle injury, he has almost no pocket presence and cannot hold onto the ball after contact.  If not for a few fortunate bounces, Martinez would have lost at least two additional fumbles.

Not having Niles Paul did hurt last night.  For all the miscues that Paul has had this year, he's still an electric returner and fantastic blocker at the wide receiver position.

This bring us back to Watson. 

Nebraska scored zero second-half points and almost looked as bad as last year's offense. 

The short passes don't work so well when the other team has eight in the box because it does not have to worry about you stretching the field on them. 

The zone read with Martinez was ineffective because Martinez isn't 100 percent and lacks the burst needed to keep the defense honest.

In the games that Nebraska has lost this year, Watson has been unable to make a single important adjustment. 

The Husker offense has averaged less than 275 yards per game in the three losses this year.  While some credit goes to the opposing teams and players, let's not forget the 202 total yards of offense against 5-7 Texas.

Nebraska has a fantastic recruiting class as of today that is loaded with offensive talent, including Bubba Starling, Jamal Turner and Aaron Green. 

As much as I'd hate to lose any of these super talented kids, the time has come for head coach Bo Pelini to stop being so loyal and send Watson packing. 

Let's hope that Christmas comes early and another school hires Watson.