Fantasy Jackpot Week 14: WR Anthony Armstrong Will Strongarm His Competition

Papa SmurfContributor IDecember 10, 2010

WR Anthony Armstrong holding "his baby" as to prevent a fumble.  Take notes Adrian.
WR Anthony Armstrong holding "his baby" as to prevent a fumble. Take notes Adrian.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

My pick this week will have you singing “What A Beautiful World.” It’s not Louis Armstrong, but WR Anthony Armstrong of the Washington Redskins.

Why would I pick any player from the Redskins? Don’t they have the Curse of Albert Haynesworth, that causes you to curse, slam locker room doors and play below your athletic ability? Not anymore. The curse is leaving with the suspension of Haynesworth for the remainder of the season.

We’ve seen the effects of team changes and how a pooper-scooper team drops a load and transforms into a game-winning threat. Look at the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, just to name a few. Here are a couple of reasons why Armstrong will be a fantasy jackpot this weekend.

Reasons For Armstrong Love (no pun intended)

1)Haynesworth is gone. That fat clog has been removed from the Redskin’s artery and the crew is gonna flow really well this Sunday. Week 14, DL Phillip Daniels will be crying tears of joy, while Haynesworth can sit on his fat butt where it was meant to be—in the unemployment office. I mean, really, is Haynesworth $100 million? The Redskins will prove the answer is no with Armstrong running up and down Fed Ex Field. 

2)Tampa Bay’s pass defense has been very good this year, but the nucleus of that goodness, Aqib Talib, is out with an injury, according to sources at, meaning ample TDs for Washington’s wide receivers, Armstrong included.

3) Redskin WR Santana Moss has not been playing his best the last couple of weeks, while Armstrong has been consistently improving. Last week, Armstrong had his best game of the year with six targets for 97 yards and a TD. He’s due for a repeat.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offense has been off the roof with with a bungee cord this year, so expect a high scoring game, meaning more yardage and TD opportunities for Mr. Armstrong.

I guesstimate between 100-140 yards and one TD this week with McKnabb-a-twinkie re-energized and the whole squad playing like they enjoy it.


Start Armstrong Over These Guys

Start Armstrong over these players Week 14:

1) Larry Fitzgerald—I learned my lesson about Fitzgerald last week. Derek Anderson was a stud ruiner last week, which is the opposite of Peyton Manning. Will QB John Skelton be any better? On top of that, Champ Bailey will be ghosting him all game.

2) Mike Thomas—Lonely Mike Thomas has to outjuke Oakland, with his Moss-like decoy WR Michael Sims-Walker possibly playing after participating fully in Jaguars practice on Friday, as reported by Tania Ganguli of Florida Times-Union. Looks like it’s gonna be the Jones-Drew show in Jacksonville.

3) Santonio Holmes—The Jets are about to get a taste of their own medicine in pass coverage. Vontae Davis will be covering Holmes like butter on biscuits, so don’t expect a breakout game for Mr. Holmes. 

4) Any Rams WRs—Last game excluded, QB Sam Bradford has been playing very well by distributing the ball to everyone, so who would you play? New Orleans will make the production of whoever you pick limited anyway.

5) You guessed it. Good old Bernard Berrian.


The Bet

If I’m wrong, I will enter a local Toys-'R-Us on one of those Super Saturdays, cut in front of disgruntled last-minute shopper and shout “Eureka!This is what I was looking for!” while snatching a handful of toys from their shopping cart. But if I’m right? The doctor may be surgically removing a Zhu Zhu Pet out of your hind parts. Neva-eva, eva-eva, touch a Christmas shopper’s cart in December.


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