NBA First Quarter All-Stars: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Teams For Each Conference

Alexander M. SmithContributor IDecember 10, 2010

Despite a lot of negative energy at the beginning of the 2010 NBA season, both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James make the 1st team.
Despite a lot of negative energy at the beginning of the 2010 NBA season, both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James make the 1st team.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After all of the offseason hoopla in the National Basketball Association, the first quarter of the season is over. What better way to summarize the action than with some premature All-Star selections?



PG Derrick Rose, CHI

Blossoming in his third year out of Memphis, D-Rose has spurred Chicago into East contention without the help of the injured Carlos Boozer—who was supposed to make the Bulls title contenders. Rose leads all point guards in PPG (24.9), towering more than five points over the next closest challenger.

SG Dwyane Wade, MIA

While Wade’s production has come down significantly from years past—due to the additions of LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Heat—he is still the leader amongst shooting guards in points (21.7) and hauls in nearly seven rebounds a game. Rather impressive for a guy who has to give up the rock to King James and Bosh for the better part of the game.

SF LeBron James, MIA

After an early season “hangover”, as Ohioans like to call it, James seems to have found a rhythm with his squad, averaging a solid 25 PPG over the last five contests, including a 38 spot against his former team on prime time television. Not to mention he’s still the most athletically gifted player in the league.

PF Amare Stoudemire, NYK

My choice for MVP of the first fourth of the NBA season, Stoudemire has walked the walk for the once-lowly Knicks. After being signed to a mega-contract this offseason, Stoudemire promised change in the Big Apple. His 25.3 PPG and 9.0 RPG have propelled the team to a respectable 13-9 record.

C Dwight Howard, ORL

Just as Kobe Bryant is assured his annual starting spot on the All-Star team, Howard is still the smart choice at center in the East. Similar to Bryant, Howard has a younger player at the same position breathing down his neck for conference dominance, but just like Monta Ellis with Bryant, Joakim Noah just is not at Howard’s level of intimidation and supremacy.


SECOND TEAM                                                            

PG Rajon Rondo, Boston                                                   

SG Stephen Jackson, Charlotte                                             

SF Danny Granger, Indiana                                               

PF Kevin Garnett, Boston                                                

C Joakim Noah, Chicago  



PG Raymond Felton, New York

SG Ray Allen, Boston

SF Luol Deng, Chicago

PF Josh Smith, Atlanta

C Al Horford, Atlanta            


WESTERN CONFERENCE                                       

PG Russell Westbrook, OKC

This was an extremely tough choice due to the amazing year that Deron Williams is also having, but Westbrook is truly an unceasing playmaker. He leads point guards in the West in points (23.7) and rebounds (5.5), and dishes out 8.6 assists per game. Oklahoma City is a solid 14-8 with Westbrook running the backcourt.

SG Kobe Bryant, LAL

There are some who still believe Kobe is the best player in the game. Well, who else would you want in the fourth quarter? Black Mamba is still posting 26.5 PPG, second best in the West and not too shabby for a 32-year old.

SF Kevin Durant, OKC

Durant is perhaps the most talented player in the West. An NBA-leading 27.4 PPG is impressive considering teammate Russell Westbrook has stolen much of the offensive glory this year. Durant is a gamer, too; after a slight knee problem that held him out for two games, he went off against Golden State (28 points) and Chicago (29), as if he had never left.

PF Kevin Love, MIN

Definitely the biggest surprise of the 2010 season. Love and his buddy Michael Beasley are the best forward combination in the league. Who could have seen that statement coming back in August? Love’s consistency is incredibly superb, and he nabbed a 30 point, 30 rebound game against the Knicks in November—the first time that’s happened in the NBA in 28 years.

C Al Jefferson, UTH

Ironically, Jefferson was transplanted from that now-vaunted Minnesota front court this offseason to the Utah Jazz. Always hailed as an extremely talented prospect, Jefferson had a couple All-Star caliber seasons while wearing a Timberwolves uniform, and could very well make his first appearance in the West’s red threads this February. Averaging 16.6 PPG to go along with 8.8 RPG.


SECOND TEAM                                                           

PG Deron Williams, Utah                                              

SG Monta Ellis, Golden State                                                            

SF Carmelo Anthony, Denver                                                

PF Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas                                                

C Tim Duncan, San Antonio    



PG Chris Paul, New Orleans

SG Manu Ginobili, San Antonio

SF Rudy Gay, Memphis

PF Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers

C Emeka Okeafor, New Orleans