College Football Bowl Game Predictions: Losers and The Winners, the First Twelve

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2010

Place Your Bets: Its Bowl Season!
Place Your Bets: Its Bowl Season!Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There are 35 bowl games this season and more than a few are meaningless. But, because they are the equivalent of cash we should at least mention the lessors. I will run down my predictions, as I see them today, for the first twelve games. So, let's just get to the meat and potatoes and dispense with the pillow talk!

In chronological order of TV appearance:

New Mexico Bowl: BYU vs. UTEP, Originally designed to give the Lobos a post season game it has become much more than that. Oh so much more. BYU puts the Minors back in their hole.

Humanitarian Bowl: Fresno State vs. Northern Illinois, The Bulldogs will not treat the other pack of dogs humanely. 

New Orleans Bowl: Ohio vs. Troy, Neither of these teams have quality wins but you gotta pick one, so I say Troy gets the nod. Consolation prize, getting drunk in the Quarter.

St. Petersburg Bowl: Louisville vs. Southern Miss, Charlie brings the Cardinals back to a bowl game after a three year hiatus. However, the Golden Eagles are too much and this ain't St. Pete, Russia so Charlie is focused on recruiting in Florida.

Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State vs. Utah, For their sins of losing one game and playing a terrible schedule the Broncos are given the Utes as a consolation prize. Destroying them wont be as fun as playing in a BCS bowl. Ahh the Utes, fond memories of stomping the Tide.

Poinsettia Bowl: Navy vs. San Diego State, This could actually be a good match up. Both teams will have their respective fan bases present and each equally had a successful season in their own right. However, Navy sacrifices the Aztecs.

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Tulsa, Rainbows are always cuter than Hurricanes....tee -hee-hee. It doesn't hurt either when the local attractions distract the visitors.

Little Caesars Bowl: FIU vs. Toledo, Et tu Brute? Do I really have to pick a winner? Fine, FIU, and don't ask why!

Independence Bowl: Air Force vs. Georgia Tech, Without Nesbitt the Yellow Jackets will be swatted out of the Air Force. (That was bad, you wrote a bad line Petey)

Champs Sports Bowl: NC State vs. West Virginia, The Mountaineers have too much defense for the Wolfpack. I know, that doesn't explain their loss to Syracuse and UConn. 

Insight Bowl: Iowa vs. Missouri, Wasn't Iowa supposed to be some great team this year? Missouri gives the Hawkeyes a little bit more "insight" into who they really are.

Military Bowl: East Carolina vs. Maryland, These Pirates will not be able to crack open the Terrapin Turtles. Their shell is battle tested from many a weekends of being speared by Seminoles, chewed on by Wolves, and mauled by Tigers.

End Notes: I apologize for not getting into specific statistics and performance markers for each team. I will do some of that research for the latter bowls. These picks were based on gut, season wins and losses, previous bowl records and level of competition.