Iowa Football Coach Kirk Ferentz Dispels Rumors of Widespread Drug Problem

Donna LaubeContributor IIDecember 14, 2010

Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz
Iowa Head Coach Kirk FerentzDavid Purdy/Getty Images

The Hawkeye faithful are breathing a sigh of relief today after Coach Kirk Ferentz dispelled the rumors of a far-reaching “drug scandal” involving his 2010 football players. The rumor-driven scandal was perpetuated largely via social networks and the web, prompting Ferentz to hold a press conference to clear up a few things.

Ferentz added he’s not fond of social networks.

Only one player, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, is confirmed as involved in a drug scandal.  

Brandon Wegher left the team at the start of the season for personal reasons, and now will transfer to a non-Big Ten school.  

Jewel Hampton is leaving as a mutual agreement between player and coaches, for reasons not officially disclosed, but there is no evidence that his departure is drug related.  Jewel had been set back due to two successive years of knee injuries, putting him behind Adam Robinson and possibly Marcus Coker in the RB pecking order if he’d stayed.

Adam Robinson is being disciplined for not meeting team "policies and expectations," but not "health issues."  He will miss the Insight Bowl, but is expected to return to team activities in January when the new semester begins.

Ferentz clarified that the recent announcements of Jewel Hampton leaving and Adam Robinson being suspended were not related to the DJK arrest or activities.  He did not want that misinformation to be perpetuated, nor rumors about other team members involved to continue.

Ferentz did mention he suspected other team members might have known about DJK before the arrest, mentioning if so, it would be unfortunate that no one came forward.  He and Gary Barta also mentioned looking at tightening up some policies to further prevent players from "getting around" drug testing procedures, and keeping a closer eye on off-field activities, but no definite changes to policies were announced.  

Barta mentioned no player has been caught getting around the drug tests, but they suspect some may have in the past.

Barring health issues, all other previous starters and players on the roster besides DJK and Adam Robinson will participate in the Insight Bowl against the Missouri Tigers this month.