AlexAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2008

The newspapers and every other news outlet might as well save some time and record one story about how the Minnesota Twins bullpen blew the game and publish it every day. For the most part they'll get the story right, because most of the time it's Reyes, Guerrier, Crain or some other reliever who causes the loss.

It was the same old story for the Twins back in the Metrodome in a Saturday match-up with the Detroit Tigers. The offense played well and Scott Baker pitched another great game into the seventh inning. The Twins led 4-2 with one out, Baker had 101 pitches and had just walked a batter. Gardenhire started the screw up like he usually does, taking Baker out because he might "blow up" and going with his ever so certain hitter versus pitcher "match-up".

What do you know, it didn't work. The lefty Granderson hit the third pitch over the wall to tie the game up with just one out. Reyes was done, but the inning wasn't over, not until Guerrier took his shot at blowing the sixth game in two weeks. He allowed a single quickly and then Ordonez crushed a bomb over the wall to give the Tigers a 6-4 lead and the game.

The bullpen is so effective at blowing games, it's almost like it's their job. If the Twins had any sort of bullpen, they'd be sitting comfortably in first place in the American League Central. Six games blown in two weeks, it's hard to even imagine, it's almost like some horror story. Give the Twins those six games and they're easily ahead of the White Sox. Even half of those crazy six blown games would put them in first place by a game or two.

It's sickening to watch, and I've said that way to many times in the past few weeks about this team. Instead of writing a story every other day about how the bullpen cost the Twins a win, I'm going to post this video each time instead. Other than the first seconds being about football, the rest sums up each loss nicely and the end is exactly how I feel about this team: Playoffs?