Minnesota Twins Could Shock Everyone by Winning the Division

AlexAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2008

With 21 games remaining in the season, there is plenty of time for the Minnesota Twins to finish off an already surprising season with a playoff berth. Behind the great young arms and an offense lead by the M&M Boys, the Twins find themselves just 1.5 games back in the American League Central just about a week into the month of September.

The division is definitely within reach, there is no question about that. If the pitching continues to produce consistently good outings, and if the young players including Denard Span, Delmon Young, and Alexi Casilla continue to produce at the plate in the final weeks, October baseball could be in the team's future.

Looking at the American League Wild Card, it is clear that the team's focus should not be on contending with Boston for the final playoff spot, but with the White Sox for the Central. The Twins find themselves nearly six games back in the Wild Card, and Boston doesn't look to be fading.

More so, the Chicago White Sox could be in some trouble in the days ahead. Already (likely) without third basemen Joe Crede for the remainder of the season, the Sox lineup took another hit on Friday when the team learned that MVP candidate Carlos Quentin would require wrist surgery that will almost certainly end his career season.

The injuries will not spell doom for Chicago, but in the long run, could effect the Twins' chances of returning to the playoffs. The schedules shouldn't play a huge role with both teams for the most part playing the same schedules in the final weeks.

It's going to be a nerve-wracking few weeks ahead, one hopefully filled with many more ups than downs as we try to watch our team from Minnesota shock the nation.