Dodge to pull support from Craftsman Truck Series

Tom GCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

With the rough economy and high cost of racing, it was only a matter a time before NASCAR started feeling the effects. Dodge has been a staple in the Craftsman Truck Series but it's peak came between the years of 2001 and 2004 winning 36 of 99 races. Dodge than scaled back to one team in 2008, that team being Bobby Hamilton Racing.

This week it was announced that the team would no longer receive support from Dodge effectively severing Dodge's long standing partnership with the series.

This leaves us to ponder the question: Are the other series next? With rumors circulating for years that Dodge will pull out of NASCAR, is it finally happening? Dodge Motorsports senior manager Mike Delahanty say that the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series are unaffected but with the economy, they may not be unaffected too much longer.

Dodge currently has only four wins on the year with three different drivers, one coming because of strategy at New Hampshire and the manufacturer sits in last place in the manufacturers standing in 2008.

Dodge in the Nationwide Series has fared even worse with no wins in the 2008 series and only 14 top tens among all of their drivers.

Dodge's performance issues and now the fact that they are pulling out of the Craftsman Truck Series leaves us wondering about their future in the sport.