Lewis Hamilton, McLaren Screwed Again in Formula 1

Adam Amick@adamamick1Senior Writer ISeptember 7, 2008

There are no two ways about it. Formula 1 and the FIA are run by blooming idiots. Period, paragraph, end of story.

At this point, Bernie Ecclestone can take the U.S. Grand Prix and shove it where the moon don't shine (unless you're out with Bernie and the ladies of the evening). I don't want him or his traveling circus back in the States until they pull their heads out of their backsides.

And I was really excited with the actual racing that took place in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa today.

Yes, I said it, there was actual RACING (for the lead) in a Formula 1 race—and it was great to watch.

Lewis Hamilton and defending World Champion Kimi Raikkonen went wheel to wheel around the picturesque four-plus mile course in the Ardennes.

For the record, Spa is now officially my favorite circuit on the F1 schedule.

But I digress.

Hamilton started on pole, looped the car going into turn one on the second lap, and would trail Kimi from then...until there were four laps to go and the rains came.

Lewis closed it up and tried to pass the Kimster going into the last chicane on the outside of the right hander—and he was there.

Kimi ran him off the road going into the left-hander, causing contact, and forcing Hamilton to cut the corner.

Lewis immediately backed off and gave up the spot, then chased the Ferrari down to turn one, swung to the inside, and made a clean pass.

Raikkonen then made contact again with Hamilton's right rear tire with his wing.

I was thrilled and petrified at the same time. What if the tire is cut? Will it hold?

It did.

But wait, there's more!

The two raced around the track until they caught Nico Rosberg in the wet. Hamilton went off through the grass, then Kimi spun, relinquishing the lead at last.

To add insult to injury, Raikkonen would lose control of his Ferrari and crash, winding up in an undeserved 18th.

Hamilton needed only to make two laps and stave off the Ferrari of Felipe Massa to take his first win at Spa.

He did so—win number five on the season.

And F1 screwed him.

The race stewards, in their oh-so-infinite wisdom, docked Hamilton 25 seconds for cutting the chicane. This dropped him to third, handed the win to Massa, and had a six-point effect on the driver standings, with Felipe now trailing Lewis by two points instead of eight.

Wha, wha, WHAT?

Lewis gets run off the road, cuts the corner to avoid wrecking both cars, gives the spot back without having to be told, then wins the race fair and square.

It was the best F1 race I've seen in years—and the FIA found a way to screw up a wet dream.

It wasn't totally unexpected, since Hamilton's McLaren teammate Heikki Kovalainen had been assessed a drive-through penalty after "avoidable" contact with Mark Webber's Red Bull Renault going into the same chicane. Heikki out-braked Webber, who cut down on the McLaren.

If Kovalainen had locked up the tires going for the pass, then I'd call that an overly aggressive move. He didn't, and made a great pass. But he was penalized nonetheless.

So why wasn't Raikkonen sanctioned for "avoidable" contact by running Hamilton off the road in the final turn, then hitting him again going into turn one?

Because the FIA kisses Ferrari's butt.

Ferrari fans should be ashamed of this decision. I'd go so far as to say that even though he crashed out (and I cheered when he did), Raikkonen deserved second in this race.

But first loser isn't even good enough for Formula 1 after this (latest) debacle and example of Ferrari favoritism.


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