Why Miami Dolphins Fans Should Watch the Detroit Lions Game

Mark LeskoCorrespondent IIDecember 24, 2010

Karlos Dansby and his defense have given Fin fans a lot to cheer about this year
Karlos Dansby and his defense have given Fin fans a lot to cheer about this yearMarc Serota/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins' playoff hopes are over, but the season is not officially over for another two weeks.

Like many of the Fin fans that have been calling the radio stations, I find myself wondering why I should even bother to watch the Dolphins play the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

It is not a great matchup, neither team is playing for a playoff spot, and it is the holiday weekend; are all of the many excuses you could come up with as a fan to not care about this game.

Well I am here to give you good reasons as to why you should tune in or even go to the game (plenty of good seats are probably still available).

The Dolphins Defense

If there is one aspect of this team that is really fun to watch, it is this group. Of course, Mike Nolan deserves a lot of the credit, but a lot of the players have really stepped their games up.

A guy like Paul Solai, how fun is it to watch this monster of a man grow and develop? He has become one of my favorite players. He is energetic and plays with a great passion for the game.

Also, look at Sean Smith. The guy was benched for Jason freaking Allen, but took the benching in stride. He did not whine and complain, he just went to work on his game and got better. He needs to learn to catch though, but he is still a nice story to follow.

The defense has been fun and they should have some fun against a lowly Detroit Lions offense (except for Calvin Johnson of course).

Cam Wake

I was going to include him in the defense, but I thought he deserved his own part. On 3rd-and-long situations, you cannot tell me you do not look to see where No. 91 is. I know I do.

His explosiveness is incredible and he has improved his whole game as well. He and Koa Misi have shown great improvement in setting the edge on running plays.

He is also playing for the NFL sack title and possibly the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, so show your support for Wake Fin fans!

Tony Sparano and Dan Henning

I know, the only thing Fin fans want to watch from these two is Sparano and Henning accepting their pink slips.

However, I want to watch them to see if they do anything different for a change. The playoffs are gone, so let's open up the play calling and decision making.

Henning is gone, so he might as well have some fun right? Throw it deep two plays in a row or something. Maybe even, dare I say, come out in four-receiver sets (not to be confused with running backs and fullbacks).

Sparano, your job is on the line so I would expect some bolder decision making. 4th-and-1? Go for it! 4th-and-5 from the Lions 30? Screw the field goal, go for it!

It could be fun to actually watch some life coming from these guys because, really, what else do they have to lose?

Ricky Williams

He very well may be back next year and he has said he wants to play one more year before he retires, but these could be his last games in a Dolphins uniform.

He has not had the best year this year, but he has provided great memories for Fin fans. Leading the NFL in rushing in 2002, how great was it watching those games? Watching him run for over 200 yards in that Buffalo blizzard, it stunk that the Fins lost, but he was so fun to watch.

His 200 yard rushing days may be over and he may have left the Fins high and dry in 2004, but the guy has done a lot for this organization. If these are going to be his last couple of games, I sure want to watch No. 34 in that beautiful aqua and orange.

So show up, tune in, or go to a bar and watch. Do whatever you need to do and support the Fins. They drive Dolphins fans crazy, but it's the holidays so grab your family and watch some Dolphins football.

Happy holidays and go Dolphins!