NBA Trade Rumors: Portland Trail Blazers Joining the Carmelo Anthony Mega Deal?

Zeeshan KhanContributor IIDecember 25, 2010

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There are always great trade rumors just around this time of year and until the trade deadline comes. Hardly any of them happen, but it's still great to think about the possibility of even one happening.

The latest Carmelo Anthony mega deal rumor involves the Portland Trail Blazers. It doesn't involve Carmelo going to the Blazers, of course, but instead the Blazers are acting as a 3rd team in the trade.

This is the trade:

To New Jersey Nets: Carmelo Anthony, Andre Miller

To Portland Trail Blazers: Devin Harris

To Denver Nuggets: Troy Murphy, Derrick Favors, multiple first round picks


It is being reported that the Denver Nuggets also want to get Nicolas Batum of the Blazers in the deal, but Portland is not willing to give up the young forward in a deal like this.

Batum simply has too much potential in the eyes of the Blazers management which is why they are refusing to send him to the Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets might prove successful in prying away another Blazer player or draft pick in this trade, but it won't possibly be Nicolas Batum.

This trade without Batum involved still benefits all three teams involved.

New Jersey gets Carmelo Anthony and a veteran point guard in Andre Miller. They have been teammates before and played well together which is why the Nets are interested in acquiring him. They can also cut him lose after this season because the next year in his contract is a team option.

The Denver Nuggets finally part ways with Carmelo Anthony, who has openly expressed an interest in leaving for a bigger market. In return, they acquire a big expiring contract in Troy Murphy, a potential superstar in Derrick Favors and multiple first round picks that are likely to be in the lottery.

The Portland Trail Blazers get younger at their starting point guard position by acquiring Devin Harris. This is especially good for them because they are considering rebuilding if the team continues to struggle. They also part ways with Andre Miller, who was really not getting along very well with Brandon Roy. Roy called Miller out after games several times and wanted the ball in his hands more.

Overall, this trade seems great for all teams involved, but I doubt it goes through. The reason for this is that there are just too many unknowns involved. Carmelo might not want to sign an extension in New Jersey or the Nuggets might not want to go through the deal because they want more.

The Blazers, however, should pray this trade goes through, because it really benefits them without losing too much.