WWE Couple Tamina and Santino: Why It's Good for the Daughter of the Superfly

Renee GerberCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2010

Santino and Tamina, photo copyright to WWE.com
Santino and Tamina, photo copyright to WWE.com

Happy holidays, Bleachers!

After a week of no writing, I am now back with a new piece. This time, I would like to address the pairing of WWE "comic relief" superstar Santino and diva Tamina, and why it's beneficial to the first female member of the Samoan wrestling family.

The angle of having the two as a couple came about some months ago, with small teasers here and there after Tamina grabbed Santino and planted a big, juicy kiss on his lips after he and Vladimir Kozlov competed against her team, the Usos.

For many weeks after, we saw little snippets of segments between them, mostly after any matches involving the two tag teams. There was also a cute backstage segment where Tamina was playing a ukulele and sort of "serenading" Santino, which was akin to a sailor being seduced by a mermaid on the ocean, as he appeared to be in a complete trance as he kissed her.

Then, on the November 29 episode of RAW, Tamina teamed with Maryse and Alicia Fox in a six-diva tag match, only to become distracted as Santino suddenly appeared, playing a guitar and singing. She completely abandoned her teammates, leading the opposition to score the victory.

Tamina came into the WWE as a heel, but the company seemed to be toying with her character for the longest time, using her as a tweener at best. However, last week's RAW saw her as a full-fledged babyface, perhaps to balance out the ratio of faces to heels, as Melina just turned when she slapped Divas champion Natalya.

I believe the character change is a good thing for Tamina. The daughter of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka has, for the most part, had very little air time thus far, and fans didn't really "know" her. The pairing with Santino has made for some fun moments that fans can't help but smile while witnessing them. Tamina's character is being developed, little by little, into a strong face, and hopefully she will get more in-ring time in the process.

Last week, she had about a minute in the ring with Maryse and dominated the French Canadian beauty with a kick and a big splash. Since last night saw the two divas' men, Santino and Ted DiBiase, in one-on-one action, maybe next week we'll get a single match between the women.

Of course, the center stage of the divas at the moment is Divas champion Natalya and her new number one contender, Melina. But regardless, Tamina is in a pretty good place right now, and things can only go up from here.