Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger Scandal: A Few Thoughts on the Matter

James SouthertonCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2010

Brett Favre / Jenn Sterger
Brett Favre / Jenn Sterger

I don't get it...why did Jenn Sterger and her camp state that they would NOT sue the Favre camp, the Jets or the NFL if Favre were disciplined (I'm guessing more than $50,000) by the National Football League?  

From what I have gathered, Favre did not publicize this mess, and neither did the Jets nor the NFL. Sterger didn't publicize this, either (supposedly); rather, an independent website ( brought this to the forefront.  

So why isn't being threatened with a lawsuit?  And, if Sterger was so offended by Favre's creepy advances, why didn't she claim harassment back in 2008 or 2009?  

Some are treating Sterger as if she's been preyed upon like a poor, helpless victim, but Jenn Sterger is NOT completely innocent in this whole thing!  When are women (like her) going to realize that if they put some cheap bait on a hook, they might attract some bottom-feeders as a result?  Sterger presents herself in a very provocative way (to say the least).  

She has posed for both Maxim and for Playboy. Women (like her) just can't do this stuff, and then expect to be treated with respect!  Right or wrong, it just doesn't work that way! 

Lastly, make no mistake about a long-time Favre fan, I am VERY disappointed with No. 4! Brett, do you remember how you felt when Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer?  Do you remember how you felt when you thought that you might lose her?  You have been so blessed to have this wonderful, supportive, Christian woman for your wife (who apparently is still willing to forgive you), and here you were willing to throw it all away for a floozy like Jenn Sterger!  

Come on, Brett; you're better than that—and so is Deanna!

Your legacy has definitely been tarnished through this. Part of your past appeal has been your "good-guy" persona; you've always shown a propensity to help kids in need. This was evident when you were recognized with the "Make-a-Wish" award in 2007. Sports Illustrated also voted you "Sportsman of the Year" during that same period.  In my opinion, you can still get some of this adoration back (much like Michael Vick) if you come clean after the season is over.  

You should make a heartfelt apology to Sterger (you attempted to include her in an adulterous relationship, after all), your wife, your in-laws, your children, your grandson, your mother, your siblings, your friends, the NFL, the Jets, the Vikings, the Packers and to all of the fans who have supported you over the years.  If you do this, it won't change everything, but "genuine healing" will have its best chance to begin.  

This is no longer just a private issue or a "league issue" as you have previously stated. It is now a "public issue," and you're the only one who can fix it!  You owe us nothing on the field, Brett, but you do owe us a sincere apology off of it.  Try it—you might find that Deanna isn't the only one willing to forgive you for your transgressions!