MMA's Top Five Dirtiest in the Game

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2008


This is dedicated to the self-made heels of MMA. Yes, I hate to use a pro wrestling term, but these guys are real life bad guys. They actually do stuff you'd expect to find in the drama hour of WWE. To them I say, I HATE YOU!

5. Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman is one of my least favorite fighters of all time. He has used headbutts his whole career and even beat up on a guy with a broken arm in Shogun. Mark Coleman's signature headbutt should be good enough, but he is an all around dirtbag to opponents while hanging around with 'roid boy Baroni.

Hate Scale: 8


4. Bob Schrejber

This guy is an all-time dirt bag for that one move he pulled in Pride—the axe kick to a downed opponent. Seriously? Right in the back of the head too! So don't be confused as to his dirty intentions. D Bag!

Hate Scale: 8


3. Branko Cickatic

This guy has to be a D Bag. As you know I love Mirko Cro Cop, so going easy on a Croatian would be easy. Not this punk! While fighting Ralph White in a standup kickboxing match, he kicked him in the forehead while he was down. Oh my God! How awful can you be?

Hate Scale: 9


2. Bob Sapp

From powerbombing poor undersized guys, to beating down a knocked out opponent, Bob may be one of the more despicable human beings to enter MMA. Also, he once piledrived Minotauro Nogueira while that maneuver is clearly illegal. He also played to the crowd with ridiculous intros claiming how great he is. What a jerk! I'm glad Mirko made him cry!

Hate Scale: 10

1. Gilbert Yvel

Gilbert is the end all be all of dirty fighters. The model of excellence for the evolving scumbag. He carries these titles proudly. From gouging Don Frye's eyeballs to KO'ing a referee he has done it all. Not to mention beating down unconscious opponents and of course groin shots galore. Lastly, he bit a person in PRIDE. OUCH! Gilbert definitely takes the cake.


Gilbert is the winner and that isn't very arguable. Feel free to comment on your favorites or some snubs. Honorable mention goes to Crazy Horse Bennet—have you seen that guy?