Todd Duffee Laid Out by Alistair Overeem at "Dynamite! Power of Courage 2010"

Joe BastoneContributor IDecember 31, 2010

Photo by Esther Lin of
Photo by Esther Lin of

I am starting to think I should be eating horse meat. It is, of course, the most important part of Alistair Overeem’s diet.

In case you have not noticed, “The Demolition Man” is one big, bad, behemoth of a man. Next to Reem, young prospect Todd Duffee looked like he needed to drop a weight class.

Believe me; at 6’3” and 253 pounds, Duffee does not.


Overeem also showed us why a 6-1 relative rookie should not take fights with elite veterans on short notice.

Nineteen seconds after the bell rings, your lights are out. You are left dangling over the bottom rope.

Being a “veteran” of two fights in the UFC (getting knocked out in the second bout) does not mean you should hop into the ring with one of the best heavyweight fighters on the planet, let alone decide to stand there and trade with him.

Todd Duffee has a bright future ahead of him. Duffee is only 25 and will continue to improve. Duffee has quality boxing skills with massive power in both hands. With formidable wrestling skills, Duffee has good top control and powerful ground-and-pound.

Even with all of this going for the youthful Todd Duffee, it was clear he was too wet behind the ears for an opponent like Alistair Overeem. Duffee’s eyes showed the look of a young man knowing he was in over his head.

Duffee’s nervous energy clearly got the better of him, and Overeem wasted no time, laying vicious knees into the gut of Todd Duffee.

With his hands momentarily dropped, Duffee received a right hook to the temple, quickly followed by a monstrous left hook to the mouth, culminating in Duffee being draped over the bottom rope like a rug on a line.

With the knockout, Alistair Overeem became the DREAM Interim Heavyweight Champion. Being the one knocked out, Todd Duffee will go home with a bruised ego and a desire to raid the Excedrin bottle.

Still, I believe Duffee will lick his wounds and learn from this. No matter what, this was a no-lose situation for the Xtreme Couture prospect, and one he can certainly gain from. At this point, Todd Duffee has nowhere to go but up.