Looking Ahead: Bills Vs. Jaguars in Week Two.

Blake EshlemanContributor ISeptember 9, 2008

The Buffalo Bills will try to improve their record to 2-0 as they travel on Sunday to Jacksonville Florida to take on the Jaguars for week two of the regular season. The Bills will have great momentum going into this game, as they beat Seattle by a long-shot in week one 34-10.

The Jags are looking for their first season win as they return to home for week two. Jacksonville lost on the road 17-10 in week one when they played the Tennessee Titans, and if losing your season opener isn't bad enough, the Jaguars' injuries started piling up as the game progressed. The Jaguar's offense was already without starting center Brad Meester who will miss at least a month with a biceps injury suffered in pre-season. Also missing will be missing starting guards Vince Manuwai and Maurice Williams, who both suffered injuries in their game against Tennessee. Manuwai will miss the entire season with a torn ACL and Williams should be out for at least a month with an injured biceps. Also last week, backup tackle Richard Collier was shot, and probably will not return this season either.

To make matters even worse for the Jaguars' offense (who are pretty much in shambles at this moment), Bills DT Marcus Stroud will be making his return to his old home, but this home left Mr. Stroud out at the side of the curb last season when he was nursing an ankle injury, and a substance abuse policy offense against him. Marcus Stroud proved in week one with the Bills that he is still the three-time pro bowler play-maker that he used to be, and the Jaguars weak, inexperienced, and disorganized offensive line will have a tough time dealing with him and the rest of the quick, yet very powerful Buffalo defensive front seven.

So it's time for the prediction... Jacksonville will have a tough time running the ball as their offensive line will have a tough time creating holes for Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. Also Buffalo's powerful new defense should rack up a few sacks, as well as tackles for loss. Jacksonville's receiving core is not all that strong either, and will have a tough time separating from the Bill's speedy corner-back unit in Terrence McGee and Jabari Greer. Buffalo's running and passing game should continue to improve, however they may run into problems in the Jaguar's powerful defensive end, Reggie Hayward, but with the probable return of pro-bowler LT Jason Peters, Hayward may find it difficult to pressure Buffalo's Offense. Buffalo's impressive and very talented Special Teams may also contribute to the scoreboard. All in all, I see Buffalo winning this one 27-17.

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