Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Vegas Odds Predictions Against the Spread

Joe DuffyAnalyst IJanuary 2, 2011

Mike Vick likely gets little or no playing time today
Mike Vick likely gets little or no playing time todayChris McGrath/Getty Images

Eagles vs. Cowboys NFL points spread preview:

The nation’s best sports handicappers make the most of these key performance indicators in predicting the against the spread picks with the performance gap breakdowns.

The betting odds on this contest are Philadelphia -3 +110 or -2.5 -117 with a total of 43.

Contrasting the yards per rush figures on offense, the facts give the edge to Philadelphia by 1.4.

Insofar as passing yards per completion on offense, the computations favor Philadelphia by .8.

So many professional bettors make the most of yards per point. Offensively the more productive numbers are owned by Philadelphia by .5.

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Defensively the more tightfisted unit against the run according to yards per rush is Philadelphia by .2.

Yards per reception digits favor the Philadelphia Eagles by .1.

Calculations on the yards per point math gives the upper hand to Philadelphia by 1.0.

Now to net turnover margin, the better squad has been Philadelphia by 15.

Yards per point is determined by dividing total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.

Spread betting trends (all records are against the spread): Dallas 4-0 to teams with a winning record, but 1-5 on grass.

Philadelphia is 7-2 as a favorite of 0.5-3.0. Dallas is 4-0 in the series.

Over/under trends: Dallas has gone over 10-1 to NFC and over 14-3 overall. Philadelphia has gone over 9-2 overall.