Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego Wins Give Buffalo Bills 3rd Pick in NFL Draft

Tom SistiContributor IJanuary 2, 2011

Depending on the results of the late games, the Bills still are able to end up with the third overall pick in this April's draft. Their 38-7 loss at the hands of the Jets still leaves them tied at four wins with the Bengals and Broncos, who are currently trailing the Chargers 16-7 at the half. 

The Panthers have secured the first overall pick and these three teams are in line for the next three picks, with the order coming into this final week giving the second pick to the Broncos (who own the tiebreaker and will own the tiebreaker over both the Bills and the Bengals), followed by the Bengals and then Bills.

The tiebreaker is based on inverse strength of schedule, where the team with the weakest strength of schedule receives the highest pick (since theoretically they are the worst since they had the same results even though they played weaker teams.)

If the Texans, Colts and Chargers win, then the Bills will have a .578 SOS and the Bengals would have a .582 SOS. However, if the Broncos do come back to win, then the Bengals would have an equivalent SOS to the Bills, meaning the league would have to go to the second tiebreaker, which is divisional record. Since the Bills only had one win in the AFC East and the Bengals managed to win twice within the AFC North, the Bills would win the tiebreaker and receive the second pick, leaving the Bengals with the third pick. Should be interesting to see how these late games turn out.