NASCAR Chase 2008: Why I Hate Kyle Busch (and Why He Deserves the Championship)

Katrina ShankleAnalyst ISeptember 10, 2008

It is an article that really can write itself.  Kyle Busch is the perfect embodiment of classic whining circa Jeff Gordon early in his career and the pissy attitude and arrogance of a vintage Tony Stewart. 

If he doesn't win, he cries.  Should he feel as though someone raced him unfairly, he complains and throws a fit becoming of a 12-year-old girl who isn't getting her Jonas Brothers concert tickets.

There is an undeniable air of arrogance in his lanky strut and he has no problem picking a fight with another driver (Once security has stepped between him and the other driver of course.)  Busch doesn't make apologies for moving someone out of the way, however if someone moves him out of the way he demands an apology.

Watching him every weekend is aggravating and exhausting. Yet, there is something very refreshing about it.

What Busch also shares with Stewart and Gordon (aside from being former teammates to both) is a successful season that promises to turn itself into a profitable career. 

Being NASCAR's newest bad boy doesn't guarantee that you rack up eight victories on your way to a well-deserved championship.  To do that you have to have talent and nerve, and Kyle Busch doesn't lack for either of those.

Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota put one hell of an engine package underneath him and out he went to conquer the world. And that is exactly what he's done thus far.

His 2008 season is one deserving of a Championship.  It's a fact that is unquestionable. 

Part of me wonders what his longevity in the sport will be.

Busch has yet to take his first hard wreck, an event that typically shapes a driver's career.  Ever heard the phrase, "Yeah, he's fast, but he ain't hit nothin' yet"?  That's what DW is talking about.

My other concern is Busch's driving style.  It works well for him, of course.  It's a fearless driving style, and no one is able to drive a car so out of control and yet control it so well.  But it's also a bit of a reckless style.

At any rate...

Here's to Kyle Busch, deserving 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion.

May he aggravate me for another 10 seasons.