LeBron James: LBJ Christens the Heat 'The Heatles,' Aims To Get Bigger Than God

Kris HughesCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2011

Lebron James- Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?
Lebron James- Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?Marc Serota/Getty Images

This morning, I hear on sports talk radio that the Miami Heat's big three of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade are now evidently calling themselves, "The Heatles."

Really? Wow.

As a basketball fan, you have to respect the way these three guys play the game and the level at which they help their team play night in and night out. Conversely, you definitely do not have to respect their antics, which are growing more and more tired by the day.

LeBron James' ego has now reached epic proportions. Hell, it's bigger than the arena that he occupies, and there certainly isn't any balance in place to bring him back down to Earth. Any grounding certainly won't come from the Heat's wet blanket of a head coach, Erik Spoelstra.

Maybe it's all in good fun, but even if it is, all the talk and hype has gone overboard. If the Heat are looking to fashion themselves as the NBA's Darth Vader, they are well on the way to success. 

The NBA has their new villain, and villains create merchandise sales. Just ask the Pistons Bad Boys teams of the 90's.

LeBron's ego is even more amusing given that the Heat currently aren't even selling out their own arena, regardless of the hype surrounding the team. Maybe "The Heatles" should win a championship first, and then crown themselves the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I know, what a crazy concept.

Just ask the Beatles how the whole "bigger than God" thing worked for them.