2011 NFL Mock Draft: Full First Round, Including Trade Predictions

Daniel GoodwinContributor IJanuary 4, 2011

#1: Buffalo Bills -QB - Andrew Luck - Stanford

The Buffalo Bills have not had a franchise quarterback since their other #12 retired years ago,and that is why they traded CB Leodis Mckelvin,WR Lee Evans,Pick #3 and their first round pick in The 2012 NFL Draft pick to move up 2 spots and draft the Stanford QB

#2: Denver Broncos -CB - Patrick Peterson - LSU

Well this is a pretty simple pick for John Elway to decide,Champ Bailey isn't getting any younger and Peterson can learn from Champ and eventually replace him after Champ retires

#3: Carolina Panthers -WR - A.J. Green - Georgia

A receiving corps featuring Green, Steve Smith and Lee Evans would keep defensive coordinators up all night on Saturday.

#4: Cincinnati Bengals- DE - Da'Quan Bowers - Clemson

The Bengals need someone other than Carlos Dunlap to get sacks and the combo of Bowers/Dunlap will keep offensive coordinators up all night on Saturday.

#5: Arizona Cardinals- CB - Prince Amukamara - Nebraska

I know Cardinal fans are upset with this pick but they couldn't stop anyone last year! but with Amukamara on one side and Rodgers-Cromartie on the other side teams will think twice before going deep,and the hometown kid is their choice. 

#6: Cleveland Browns- WR - Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State

The Browns need a play maker for Colt Mccoy and Justin Blackmon has great hands,size,and route running and if you have all those tools you will be a very good NFL WR 

#7 San Francisco 49ers- QB - Cameron Newton - Auburn

Alex Smith is a free agent. He is done in The Bay and Troy Smith is not the long term solution, and while Newton is not a for sure thing,he is to tempting to pass up. 

#8 Tennessee Titans DT - Nick Fairley - Auburn

The Titans need major help on their defensive line and the 6'5 298 lbs Auburn Tiger is their man. 

#9 Dallas Cowboys WR - Julio Jones - Alabama

The Cowboys should address the defense, but they can do that later on because Julio Jones is just to good to pass up and it is just another WR to worry about when you play Dallas

#10 Washington Redskins - RB - Mark Ingram - Alabama

Clinton Portis is done! And The Redskins have not had a 1000yrd rusher the past 2 years enough said!

#11 Houston Texans - DE - Robert Quinn - North Carolina

Houston needs more than one player to get to the quarterback and with Quinn playing along side Mario Williams that could be a very scary combo.

#12 Minnesota Vikings - OT - Anthony Costanzo - Boston College

Yea I know Favre is retiring? And Tavaris Jackson sucks and the Vikings need a QB but their offensive line is very weak, they will get a QB but it wont be with this pick.

#13 Detroit Lions - CB - Janrois Jenkins - Florida

The Lions showed a lot of promise this season and by adding this guy to their promising defense things are looking up for them (yes I said things looking up for Lions!!) 

#14 St.Louis Rams - WR - Michael Floyd - Notre Dame

Sam Bradford looked great this year, and without really anyone great to throw the ball to I know Clayton got hurt and Amendola came on strong but Floyd will be the guy that Sam looks for when its 3rd and long.

#15 Miami Dolphins - QB - Ryan Mallet- Arkansas

I think it is safe to say that the Chad Henne era in South Beach is over and Ryan Mallet wont be afraid to throw the ball down field to his Pro Bowl WR.

#16 Jacksonville Jaguars - DE - Adrian Clayborn - Iowa

The Jags lack a premiere pass rusher! and you need that with #18 in your division

#17 New England Patriots - LB - Akeem Ayers - UCLA

The 6'4 251 strong,fast UCLA Bruin will fit into the Pats defensive scheme perfect.

#18 San Diego Chargers - DT - Marvin Austin - North Carolina

Marvin does have character issues but having the game taken away from him for a year will make him a better player and person he is a 6'3 307 lbs freak of nature! and he is a big time steal for The Chargers.

#19 New York Giants - OT - Nate Soldier - Colorado

It is not the sexy pick for Giants fans but he will help the O line and give #10 more time to throw to his WR'S and also open holes for Bradshaw.

#20 Arizona Cardinals via Tampa Bay Bucs - QB - Blaine Gabbert - Missouri

The Cardinals trade their #1 draft pick in 2012 to move up and pick their future signal caller!

#21 Seattle Seahawks - QB - Jake Locker- Washington

Pete Carrol is very happy to see the hometown kid Jake Locker slip into his hands at #21

#22 Kansas City Chiefs - OG - Mike Pouncey - Florida

The Chiefs just found their second coming of Willie Roaf pretty good getting the best G in draft at this pick.

#23 Indianapolis Colts - CB - Brandon Harris - Miami

The Colts only had 9 interceptions this year! I know Sanders was banged up but they need help in the secondary.

#24 Philadelphia Eagles - TE - Kyle Rudolph - Notre Dame

Yea just that the Eagles offense needs is another weapon for Vick but the kid as the perfect size 6'6 265! he will have great impact in that already stout offense.

#25 Green Bay Packers - WR - Jonathan Baldwin - Pittsburg

Donald Driver is getting very old and that means they need a replacement the Baldwin/Finley/Jennings combo will be tons of fun for defenses to play against.

#26 New Orleans Saints - DE - Cameron Heyward - Ohio State

Heyward lacks the speed to get to the QB but he is a run stopper and he is always in the right spot.

#27 Chicago Bears  - DT - Marcell Dareus - Alabama

Dareus would fit perfect in the Bears defense.

#28 New York Jets - S - Rahim Moore - UCLA

The Jets need a safety they are very weak at that position.

#29 Baltimore Ravens - CB - Aaron Williams - Texas

The Ravens have decent CB'S but they don't have good ones 

#30 Pittsburg Steelers - DE - Ryan Kerrigan- Purdue

Pittsburg just adds pieces every year they really don't have  weakness but with Ryan's versatility he will fit in perfect.

#31 Atlanta Falcons - DT - Stephen Paea - Oregon State

Falcons like the Steelers don't have any huge holes to fill....they just add depth to their team with this pick

#32 New England Patriots - WR - Austin Pettis - Boise St.

Just what Brady needs is a guy that can stretch the field.



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