Royce Gracie, Jake Shields, Mike Goldberg and Other Random UFC Thoughts

Anthony KangContributor IMay 4, 2011

I’m not a negative guy, so I hate to write such a scathing article on so many individuals.

But for the good and love of the greatest sport on earth (next to real wrestling, of course), my thoughts must be shared—the future of the UFC depends on it. So, some random thoughts for you to ruminate on:


Jake Shields

So the UFC 129 title bout somehow delivered on what eeevveryone expected when it was announced (the same sentiment when DW made the "big announcement” on the on the signing)—a 25-minute bathroom break.

Nice guy or not, Jake deserves every criticism and ALL the disrespect he has gotten over the years. He is at the top of the division and nobody's questioning his skills, so please don't give me any of the "Why don't you step into the Octagon with GSP, you keyboard warrior?" crap.

Of course, GSP was complicit in the horrible, anti-climatic 129 main event. As many have commentated already, the real shame of it all was the terrible anti-climatic main event in a CRAZY night of fights and is especially sad for those in attendance (30,000 of whom couldn't even see a me).  

But GSP's apologies after fights have gotten real old, real fast and don't mean a thing anymore. But my respect for Jake Shields could not be any lower right now.

Here's what Shields had to say on UFC Primetime in the pre-fight buildup: "I think a lot of these guys are already going out there beaten. Going out there going, 'Oh, I'm fighting GSP. I can't beat him.' Just thinking, "Maybe I can go the distance with him.'"

He continued, "They're not going out there to win the fight. I'm going out there to win this fight. I'm not going out there beaten like a lot of these guys—I'm going out there to take the belt from him."

Really, Jake? Reaaallly, Jake? REALLY, Jake? Go back and see your reaction when the final horn sounded. You were ecstatic and relieved. That is exactly how you went out there—verbatim.

I know it's your job to build up the fight. It's just businesses, I know. I also know your word means nothing. 

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and thrice, and so on, and so on—shame on me." 


Royce Gracie

My respect for Royce Gracie could not be any lower at this moment either (even lower than Jake's). His campaign to step into the Octagon against Matt Hughes at UFC: Rio is an absolutely, indisputably, patently pathetic joke and an unjustifiable insult to Hughes.

A few weeks ago, I think it was an MMA Junkie/Inside MMA poll asking who Royce should fight, and listed Hughes, Penn and Fitch, among others. Again, an absolute and unjustifiable insult to those fighters and completely asinine.

They don't deserve to be disrespected like that. It's deplorable. What was it, four years ago that Hughes smashed and humiliated Royce at Staples? That was four years ago—imagine the beating he'd take now.

Royce is probably even worse than the sorry Royce that showed up that night while Hughes hasn't dropped off nearly as much.

Hughes could train for one week and he'd destroy Royce—he could even conceivably not train at all and just get a quick KO/TKO within the first few minutes.

Listen, Royce should be respected for what he's done for the UFC, no doubt about it, but this has to be said: He was simply in the right place at the right time.

Today, in his prime, Royce would be a mid-tier, second-class fighter nowhere near the top, let alone a LEGEND. Fighters like Paulo Thiago would beat Royce in his prime. And no, Royce did NOT "make" the UFC. Not even CLOSE.

What an insult to the rest of the pioneers and fighters in the dark ages. It could definitely be argued that fighters like Tank Abbott, Don Frye, Kimo, Mark Kerr, Mark Coleman and, unfortunately, the damn scumbag Shamrock.

In regards to the dark ages, fighters such as Hughes, Pat Miletich, Carlos Newton, Tito Ortiz and the like should be applauded as well. That Royce is always singled out for some reason is wrong. He must secretly be a billionaire with a billionaire PR machine behind him.

Royce, are you really that delusional or is your brain still scrambled from the last beating? And no—those are your only two options. In case you forgot, it wasn't long ago that Hughes nearly took the head off Renzo, and I'd bet thousands Renzo could do the same to you.

What Dana White should really do, as an insult (and fairness), is throw Royce in there with another senior citizen. 


Mike Goldberg

Joe Rogan is, quite simply, irreplaceable. He is astoundingly observant, witty and his clairvoyance never seizes to amaze me (though why he continues to insist on prematurely "Oh that's deep. It's over" announcing submissions is mind-boggling).

Mike Goldberg on the other hand, I could do without. It's like he's always in a competition to state the obvious with himself.

I'm sure it's what they teach you in broadcast school, but he HAS to stop ending every sentence with "Joe"—as if he's telling Joe something he doesn't already know, because, quite frankly, he literally can't.

"GSP is an elite fighter, Joe...Brock is such a powerful wrestler Joe,...etc." Don't say stuff just to say stuff, Mike.

And while you're at it, take "Big" John McCarthy out the UFC with you. Just think if he had been reffing the Lesnar-Carwin fight.

It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt McCarthy would have unjustifiably awarded the victory to Carwin. And don't give me that "he's an icon" garbage either—so is Shamrock. And it does NOT entitle him to play the judge inside the Octagon.


Nick Diaz and Rory MacDonald

On a more positive note, that beating by Rory MacDonald was beautiful. I actually felt sorry for Nate.

It was really cool though—how Nick and Nate were shaking hands and respectful to MacDonald's team. Gotta love that.

As far as Nate goes, we see this scenario all the time, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if he fights lightweight in his next fight.



And I don't know if anyone else noticed this after the Pierson-Ellenberger fight, but Pierson was so damaged and the cutman was taking care of him after the fight, he thought he was in between rounds getting ready to go out.

I looked over it couple times and his reaction after the cutman told him he got knocked out definitely showed it.



Couldn't be happier about Jason "Tramp Stamp" Brilz getting brutally knocked out, simply out of the fact that when he was on Inside MMA, he could NOT have had a more disgustingly boring personality.

I mean...c'mon, have some effing respect for the fans and producers! I know...I'm just weird that way.



As the ugly American, I gotta throw this in: Congrats, America Jr. Congrats on going 6-3 against America's D-team. You do know that right—and that it was intentionally set up that way by Dana? 


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