WWE Being Sued For an Injury Suffered 10 Years Ago! **UPDATE**

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2011

I usually don't write these quick breaking news articles, but considering how this is taking place in my home state, I couldn't help it:

According to wrestlenewz.com, an 18-year-old fan from Kentucky is suing WWE for injuries he claims to have suffered during Judgment Day 2000 during the Triple H vs. The Rock Iron Man match.

During the match, HHH and The Rock began brawling in the crowd (as what happens in many matches of this caliber). Security forced the crowd to move back, which resulted in a woman falling on the man (who was seven years old at the time) causing him leg and knee injuries.

Due to a recent surgery he had on his knee, he decided to file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit is claiming that WWE failed to properly stage the match and therefore, caused the injury to occur.


My Take on the Matter

It has yet to be seen if the recent knee surgery was because of the injury suffered in 2000.

I, too, would be upset if I were injured at an event, but I would not sue over it (unless it was severe and life altering, which, as I said has yet to be seen or disclosed).

It will probably end up being settled pretty quickly, as I don't see any lawyer from around here as being willing to take this to court (or, I doubt any lawyer around here would actually be able to WIN a case like this, so they'll probably settle pretty quickly).

But what do you guys think? Would you sue over this matter? Is the man wrong for doing this? Do you think WWE is actually at fault? Or would you blame the security team working the event?


The fan who is suing WWE apparently has participated in high school football and stock car racing. Up until he filed the lawsuit, his Facebook page contained photos of him racing and playing football.

He claims he has had a lingering knee issue since the 2000 Judgment Day PPV, though considering his high school football career, this seems very unlikely. My advice to him would be to accept any settlement that the WWE may offer (if they even offer). If he takes it to court, I have no doubt in my mind that he would lose, as there is more evidence against his claim than there is for it.