Oscar De la Hoya Shows Dedication to Beating Manny Pacquiao

Carlo Miguel NarbonetaContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

Bad news for Manny Pacquiao fans!

Aside from the size advantage that Oscar De la Hoya has against Manny Pacquiao, a “stabilizer” has been added to the mix.

Dela Hoya has tapped Beristain as his trainer, instead of Floyd Mayweather Sr., for the Dec. 6 “dream fight” with the Pinoy southpaw to somehow equalize the tactician’s side of the fight.

Nacho knows well how to fight the Filipino.

Beristain was at Marquez’ corner when he fought Pacquiao last March, and the trainer from Mexico City had nice words for the Pinoy champ.

Although he and Marquez has never beaten him, Pacquiao had the toughest time beating Marquez.

In their first match, Marquez rose from three first round knockdowns to salvage a draw and survived another brutal third round of their second match only to loose via close split decision.

Both encounters could’ve gone either ways.

Dela Hoya, said he’s been “analyzing some of the tactics used by Marquez that gave Pacquiao so much trouble.”

The Golden Boy will try to do the same against Pacquiao and hopes that he can fight the way Marquez did.

Despite all this development, I still see Dela Hoya's closed right eye and loosing via close split decision.

For sure, Freedie Roach will be planning something in training camp and will be ready for Oscar and Nacho on fight night.