Huskies vs. Oklahoma: Revenge on the Okies

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst ISeptember 12, 2008

After getting over that horrible call from last week's game, I've directed my anger in a healthy manner; Toward those native Oklahomans who are now enjoying my childhood memories that were stolen this past year:
You spoiled Oklahoma City fans can take your stupid Thunder. I don't care. Actually I do, that's why the Sports Gods are going to orchestrate an upset of your ridiculously awesome college football team. The Sports Gods will also realize that the referees completely screwed the Dawgs last week.  
So if karma works its ways, then all will be good for Husky fans in Montlake after a shocking upset win.
Pre-Game Points:
  • Staying in the game. If the Huskies have any remote chance to pull off the upset they'll need to be able to run the ball effectively and control the clock. Limiting Oklahoma possessions is key to preventing this game from turning into a blow out.
  • The second most important factor in pulling off an upset is perfect execution. The Huskies cannot afford to suffer from pointless penalties, dropped passes, failed assignments, and missed kicks.
  • The defense needs to use the crowd to their advantage. Making big plays and forcing turnovers will fire up the crowd and give you the most valuable tool in college football, momentum. If there is one game where the Husky defense will play great, it has got to be this game.
  • Aren't we lucky to have Jake Locker? He's over the last game and is more than prepared to face this tough Oklahoma team. To win this game, the Husky coaches will have to go to their sure source of offense, Jake Locker's legs.
  • The Husky secondary is probably going to look horrendous again. Don't mix that up for no adjustments and improvement being made over the last week, but usually, no part of your team looks good when facing the number three team in the nation.
Just so you know I'm not crazy....Why Oklahoma will kick the Huskies' ass:
  • The left side of the Oklahoma offensive line is also known as the Great Wall of China.
  • Basically this game comes down to two extremes the future of the NFL (Sooners) vs. Freshly graduated high schoolers (Huskies)....the Huskies really have no chance.
What to Watch For:
  • Johri Fogerson and the secondary. Keep an eye on this kid and see if he can stick with his assignments. I'm not looking for game changing plays, just smart calculated football, no big mistakes...
  • If Jake Locker will be able to survive? The Oklahoma defense has crippled opposing team's offensive players the past two weeks.

Predictions....comment away....
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