Brady Hoke Is the Right Man for the Michigan Coaching Job

Samantha Cooke@sportycookieCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2011

Brady Hoke has barely been named the University of Michigan football's head coach and he has already faced more criticism and scrutiny than Rich Rodriguez in his three years behind the helm. People need to lay off and give Hoke a chance.

I will admit I never liked RichRod. I never thought he was the right man for the job. I felt that Bill Martin panicked and made a bad decision.

David Brandon took his time, did his research and chose the guy he thought was best for the job. Yes, people like to argue that Les Miles and Jim Harbaugh turned down the job, but everyone has yet to report Brandon even offered them the job or showed them a contract.

Brandon talked to Miles and Harbaugh to make sure they were not interested before pursuing Hoke. I believe he wanted Hoke all along and just talked to some other coaches to appease people.

Now, onto Brady Hoke. I think people need to lay off him and give him a chance. No, Hoke has not won anything and he is not a huge name from a huge school. This is what the Michigan program needs.

They need someone who was there when Bo Schembechler was alive and trained under Lloyd Carr. Schembechler is Michigan football. He is a legend. Any coach that he mentored in any way needs to coach at Michigan.

Think about when Bo became head coach at Michigan.

Do you think people wanted him? No.

A lot of players left when Bo was hired. Hence the term "Those who stay will be champions." Bo told his team this when guys were thinking about transferring.

How did Bo do at Michigan? He led the Wolverines to 17 bowl games, never had a losing season, won or shared 13 Big Ten titles and made ten Rose Bowl appearances.

I am not saying Brady Hoke is going to be the next Bo Schembechler. All I am saying is lay off and give him a chance. People were more excited over RichRod coming here and look what happened. Michigan has had three of the worst seasons in history.

Hoke coached at Ball State and San Diego State. No, he does not have an undefeated record at either school. Yes, there are blemishes on his coaching record. He has turned both programs around though.

Ball State was 12-2 in 2008 and ranked as high as 15th. They beat 8-5 Navy, 8-5 Central Michigan and 9-4 Western Michigan en route to starting out 12-0. Hoke did this with almost no 3-, 4- and 5-star recruits.

At SDSU this previous year, he took the Aztecs to their first bowl game since 1998 and first season winning nine or more games since 1971. They beat 9-4 Air Force and 9-4 Navy in doing this. This was all with 15 3-star and one 4-star recruit as freshmen.

He will get the recruiting at Michigan. Even though Michigan is down, players will still come because it is Michigan. Look at Texas. They did not even make a bowl game but have the current highest ranked recruiting class according to

Hoke, if you remember, recruited the likes of Justin Fargas and that quarterback out in New England that has three Super Bowl rings and a couple Super Bowl MVPs. You know him as Tom Brady.

Hoke can recruit within the Midwest because he used to at Michigan and Ball State. He now has the Southern California area as well. I'll take my players from those two areas.

Michigan may get some de-commits this year, but how do people know Hoke will not bring a star or two with him? No offense, but I am sure that not all those recruits are playing at SDSU because they want to be an Aztec. I'm sure a lot of them are playing there because Hoke is the coach.

Do I think Denard Robinson will leave with RichRod? Actually, I think Hoke will convince him to stay at Michigan. Robinson was at the men's basketball game last night, having fun and cheering with the crowd. He also wants to play for RichRod, who may be taking a year off. Why would Denard leave when there is no where to go?

Brady Hoke grew up in the Midwest and coached in the Midwest. He coached at Michigan under Lloyd Carr. He was there when Michigan won their 1997 National Championship as the defensive line coach.

Hoke was a part of a coaching staff to lead a defense that compiled 42.5 sacks, 102 tackles for loss, 23 interceptions and four fumble recoveries. He knows how to coach and he will coach Michigan back to greatness.

They may not be amazing next year, but Hoke will have more success in his first year than RichRod did. Hoke has a defensive mind and we all know that Michigan needs that more than ever.

Hoke also has an offense that can adapt. He plays the pro-style offense, but will not implement a brand new offense to spread players. I believe he will combine the two and play an adapted style of offense until his players get comfortable and he gets his recruits. A good coach will utilize the athletes he has.

Michigan fans need to give Hoke a chance. Sometimes taking a chance turns out horribly (aka RichRod). Sometimes taking a chance turns out great (aka Bo Schembechler).

Brandon got the coach that Michigan wanted. This is Hoke's dream job. He wants to be at Michigan and he wants to have success at Michigan. I believe Hoke will have success. Either way, give him a chance. Let him get in the door before you try and push him out.

If you are a true Michigan fan, you will get behind your coach. You do not have to like him, but do not call for his head. He has not even played a game yet. You may all be surprised in the fall when Michigan faces Western Michigan.

The point is that Brady Hoke truly wants to be at Michigan. He did not need millions and millions of dollars. All he needed was to be asked. I would rather have a coach that does not have a flashy name but truly wants to be at my school.

Brady Hoke is the right man for the job and he is the right Michigan man. He understands Michigan football and understands what Bo Schembechler, the helmets and the Rose Bowl all mean to the fans and the University.

Fans, give Hoke a chance before you ask for his head on a platter.


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