For Les Miles, 3 Lucky Plays Equal a 6-Year Extension at LSU

Tobe MooreContributor IIIJanuary 14, 2011

LSU's Future......?
LSU's Future......?Chris Graythen/Getty Images

I know it seems more and more people have continued to jump on the Les Miles bandwagon...which led me to think of how different things would have been if the laws of logic had unfolded this season.


Three Plays

North Carolina vs. LSU

Thanks to an obvious "no-call" of pass interference against LSU on the last play of the game, we start 1-0. It is amazing the ref didn't see what all of America did.


Tennessee vs. LSU

Who would have thought another coaching staff could botch up a personnel issue worse then Les' bunch, but there it was...27 men on the field for Tennessee allowed one more play, which was pushed in for the game-winning TD for the Tigers.


Florida vs. LSU

The miracle could anyone forget? If that ball bounces any way but into Josh Jasper's hands on the fake field goal, we lose to a poor Gator squad.


Think about it, folks. These three plays go like the laws of logic say they would, LSU would have been 7-5, playing in the Poo-Poo Bowl.

I wonder if Les would have turned down the Michigan job and LSU given him a 2017 extension if things had turned out the way they should've. I have a good hunch the bandwagon jumpers will be wishing things may have been different.