WWE Best Of The Best: Vote For Your Favorite **UPDATE** VOTING CLOSED

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2011

Hello Bleachers!

Recently, Jesus Rocha has released a series of articles, where you may vote for your favorites of the past and the present.

It helped gain insight into who the IWC appreciates, who they aren't so fond of, and who they don't really care about. It was a very fun and cool idea.

So I decided to create my own little voting poll: Who do you guys think is the best of the current roster of WWE superstars?

Any active superstar may be voted for, though Chris Jericho cannot be voted for (sorry, but he sadly isn't employed by the WWE right now).

You may vote for Undertaker, Triple H, Evan Bourne, Christian or any of the currently injured superstars as they are members of the roster (I know they aren't active right now, but I'm not going to be a douche if you vote for them).

You can also vote for Divas if you feel like it (I know most of them are bad, but there are still some great ones).

Voting works like this:

  • You will vote for your top 5 favorite superstars on either the Smackdown or RAW roster (or NXT if you're into that).
  • You MUST vote for each superstar in order from 1-5.
  • A superstar getting a 1st place vote will receive 5 points, 2nd place votes get 4 points, etc.
  • If you cannot decide on a favorite and have a tie (for example, if John Cena and Randy Orton are tied for you), they will both receive points equal to the previous ranking (if they are tied for 1st, they will both receive 4, tied for 2nd gets 3, etc.).

So who should you vote for? You're favorites, of course! Just leave a comment telling who your favorites are, maybe explaining why if you feel like it, and I'll tally up the votes and post the results later on.

I'll go ahead and post my current favorites right now (though I'm not counting my own votes) just for fun:

  1. CM Punk
  2. Daniel Bryan
  3. Alberto Del Rio
  4. John Cena
  5. Dolph Ziggler

Again, my votes will not count towards the final tally (unless I don't receive a lot of votes) so there will be no bias from me. This is really just a way for me to find out how certain guys rank here on B/R.

Results will be posted in a few days or once I receive a lot of votes (depending on which comes first) and I will post the top 10 winners. Until then, enjoy voting!