Seahawking the Ball: Seattle Looking To Send the Chicago Bears Packing

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2011

Can Pete Carroll and the Seahawks do it again?
Can Pete Carroll and the Seahawks do it again?Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Now, I am a Lions fan through and through, so I've seen my fair share of Chicago Bears games. I also had Drew Brees as my fantasy quarterback and Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte and Johnny Knox occupied roster spots for a short time.

I am always a home-team guy first, and I will root for anyone on my fantasy team second. So after the Seattle Seahawks beat the defending Super Bowl Champions and my fantasy quarterback, the man with the mole, Drew Brees, it opened my eyes.

I was someone who thought they didn't have a shot. I ate my words after they proved me wrong. They put up one hell of a fight, their offense clicked and Marshawn Lynch looked like someone we haven't seen in years. Mike Williams looked a million times better than he ever did in a Lions jersey. Pete Carroll doesn't look so dumb for bolting from SoCal, after all.

This game really comes down to a few things.


1. Quarterbacks

Matt Hasselbeck and Jay Cutler are both known for showing up on game day, but no one ever knows whether it will be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde (horribly cliche, I know). Hasselbeck is coming off probably his best game since the Shaun Alexander days. Cutler has had an extra week to rest with the Bears bye through the Wild Card Round of the playoffs. I believe the Seahawks have one good week left. They've made me a believer, and I give Hasselbeck the other hand.

Edge: Seahawks 


2. X-Factors

Obviously the Bears have one of the top-three big-time playmakers in the NFL in Devin Hester. He returned a kick for a touchdown in Week 6 when the Bears fell to the Seahawks the first time. The Bears defense have been known to make the occasional big play. For Seattle, Marshawn Lynch legitimately contributing would be a positive and players like Ben Obamanu and Golden Tate have the ability to make big plays, but Chicago has the upper hand here. Devin Hester is someone you cannot accommodate for on defense.

Edge: Bears


3. Defenses

The Bears have Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers, Charles Tillman and others who have struck a bit of fear into opponent's hearts in years past. This year has been a fair amount of the same. Chicago has not exactly been a top 10 defense by any means, but with players like these you can't expect five touchdowns. For the Seahawks, you have to respect Marcus Trufant and Lawyer Milloy at safety. Milloy may have lost a step, but he still has the brains that better 80-90 percent players that play the position. Also, having a young standout in Aaron Curry and Lofa Tatupu playing linebacker can only help your case. I have to give a slight edge to the Bears here, but the gap is narrow.

Edge: Bears


Now, the Bears have two edges to one, but I just don't feel like Jay Cutler has it in him. That or it could be the fact that I cannot stand him. Someone who is so stubborn to say he'd still throw in D'Angelo Hall's direction after Hall picked him four times and took one to the house because he was nothing special. I will admit I do not like Jay Cutler. I have seen that seafoam green light. I have to say I'm going with the Seahawks. Call me bandwagon, call me crazy, call me whatever you can think of. Odds are I've heard worse.

Prediction: Seahawks-34, Bears-30