Jeff or Matt: Which Hardy Boy Is Better?

Lee HendersonContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

Once upon a time the Hardy Boys were a tag team taking on the likes of Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boys in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches.  At the time everybody thought the Hardy Boys were destined to be the next version of the Rockers.  Jeff Hardy was going to become a superstar liked Shawn Michaels and Matt Hardy was going to end up working at a Chick-fil-a like Marty Jannety.

It is now almost 10 years since the first TLC match and Matt Hardy has proved to be the better Hardy.

Let's break it down a little bit.  More than any sport being good at wrestling is a subjective opinion.  In other sports it's pretty cut and dry for the most part who is good and who isn't.  But in wrestling different fans are going to have different opinions of wrestlers because of the different styles of wrestling. 

Obviously some fans love Jeff Hardy's death-defying moves but I prefer Matt Hardy's wrestling better than Jeff Hardy's high flying moves.  What can Jeff Hardy do other than jump off stuff?  Jeff Hardy has the swanton bomb, the Whisper in the Wind, and the clothesline off the barricade but when he's doing anything else wrestling related he's pretty mediocre. 

Matt Hardy has a much better ground based game, which is what I prefer.

When the Hardys were a tag team Matt Hardy always played the face in peril then Jeff Hardy would get the hot tag and clean house.  Most people would consider this a compliment to Jeff Hardy because being the wrestler that got the hot tag means you're the bigger star.  But in a way it's also a compliment to Matt Hardy that he was a good enough wrestler that the WWE trusted him to wrestle the majority of the match.

Of course actual wrestling ability is only one part of wrestling.  It's also important for a professional wrestler to be able to cut interviews.  I find Matt Hardy's interviews to be pretty inconsistent.  Sometimes they are good but sometimes, even after 10+ years of experience he trips over lines. 

But Matt Hardy is still 10 times better than Jeff Hardy.  Jeff Hardy has no charisma at all and after 10+ years of experience hasn't even cut one REALLY GOOD promo.  

More than any other sport pro wrestling is built on memorable moments.  There have been some great memorable moments in on other sports but most of the time athletes in other sports are just trying to win the game.  In pro wrestling its not about winning matches, it's about providing the fan with memorable moments.  

Since Jeff and Matt Hardy went their separate ways Matt Hardy has more memorable moments than Jeff Hardy.  Matt Hardy had a great run with his Version One gimmick, even garnering him a win over the Undertaker.  Matt Hardy had a great feud with Rey Mysterio over the Cruiserweight Title.  That feud was by far the most important the Cruiserweight Title has ever been in the WWE, maybe more important than it was in WCW too. 

Then there was last year when Matt Hardy and MVP had a year long feud that never got old.  That sort of thing rarely happens.  It looks like Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels are headed that way this  year.  So that tells you the kind of wrestler you have to be to have a year long feud.

What has Jeff Hardy done as a singles competitor that is memorable?  I don't want to sound like I hate Jeff Hardy or anything.  I like Jeff Hardy.  He's entertaining.  He has good matches week in and week out, but it takes more than that to have really memorable moments.  The only really memorable moment that Jeff Hardy has as a singles wrestler is his Ladder Match with the Undertaker. 

Last month Matt Hardy received the ECW Title, making Matt Hardy the first Heavyweight Champion of the two.  It might only be the ECW title, and Jeff Hardy might still win one of the two more important Heavyweight Titles, but I think it speaks volumes about Matt Hardy's consistency, wrestling and promos, and his commitment to wrestling and the WWE that he was the first one of the two given a Heavyweight Title.