Ramblings About an Early Season

Allen ParrishCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

What do we know about college football right now?

Well let's see.

We are 3 weeks into the college football season.  Which to many people means we have seen enough to know everything about this season. 


Goodness where to start?  USC is tops of course.  What else can I say about them that hasn't been said by countless others.  However, I will say this, USC is drinking way too much of their own kool-aid.  I will say this, every year every team comes across a game or two that for some reason doesn't go their way.  They don't get the bounce, break, calls, weather whatever it may be and they have to rise above it.  Regardless of how good they are this will happen.  Last year it was Stanford, year before it was UCLA.  It will happen again this year, lets see if USC responds better. 

The remaining members of the PAC -10 are, well, I'll be nice here.  Oregon isnt bad, how about that?  With regards to the rest of the conference, I am not sure if they know they are playing football yet.


Penn State and Wisconsin are holding this conference together right now.  Ohio State is not a very good football team and Michigan is awful.  I say none of the Big-10 teams make the NC game. 


Wake seems to be the best they have to offer this year.  Miami played well on defense against Florida but where is their offense?  Clemson's hopes were dashed by Bama and  Florida State just isn't back yet. 

Big East:

Another poor conference.  Cincy was the cream of the crop and they got manhandled by OU.  West Virginia got embarrassed by ECU and Pitt, as we all know, is Pitt.  Who knows who comes out in the end on this one, and frankly who cares?


The supposed pride of college football.  We all watched the Florida vs Miami game, did Florida really look unbeatable?  LSU has pretty much rolled, but against who?  I think the Troy game will be their down fall.  Just remember you heard it here first.  The SEC will be a dogfight with the remaining teams, but in the end it won't matter because nobody from the SEC is making it to the NC game.


All discussions begin and end with OU and Mizzou.  OSU is a team on the rise for the 25th year in a row.  Texas is playing very well, but I fear reality will sneak up on them soon.  Texas Tech looks great offensively as usual, but they play OU in Norman this year.  In the north, it will be Kansas and Mizzou with Mizzou beating them again. 

The best of the rest:


ECU is the most impressive to me out of these three teams.  That being said none will go undefeated. 

Notre Dame:

All I have to say about them is I almost wet myself watching Weiss getting rolled up on.  Before you start your hate speech to me NO I was not laughing at him getting hurt.  But come on, fat man falling down is always funny.