Way Too Early Bowl Predictions: Who Will Make the BCS Games?

Allen ParrishCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

Yes, yes, I know it's only the third week of the season.  Who cares, right?  Let's see who will be playing in the BCS bowl games.

First, let me give you my conference winners...

ACC: Wake Forest

SEC: Florida

Big East: South Florida

Big 12: Oklahoma

Big Ten: Penn State

Pac-10: USC


Now on to the bowl games.

Rose Bowl

A lot of people have Oregon going here, but I just don't see that happening.  It will not be a traditional Pac-10 vs. Big Ten matchup.  USC will win the Pac-10 but won't play in the Rose.  The Rose gets to select first, so ready for this?

Wisconsin vs. South Florida

I know I know it sounds crazy, but the Big East is not tied to any BCS bowl.  It would be an intriguing game as well.


Fiesta Bowl

This is going to be tricky.  Because of who I have going to the BCS Championship game, I am limited on who can play here.  That being said, here goes.

Missouri vs. Penn State

Before you call me crazy, I have Penn State losing one game, and that is to Wisconsin at home.  I think that will be enough to move Penn State into the Fiesta.


Orange Bowl

As I said before, I don't see many, if any, BCS busters this year.  The ACC winner goes here automatically, and the opponent can't come from the Big 12 or Big Ten.  Nobody left in the Big East is worthy.  That leaves you with...

Wake Forest vs. LSU


Sugar Bowl

Again, very slim pickings.  I just don't see a lot of quality teams out there this year.  With the BCS only allowing a maximum of two teams per conference getting in, where do we go from here?  Watch this.

Florida vs. Tulsa


BCS Championship Game

Yes, there are two teams not yet mentioned.  You all know who they are.  Not much needs to be said here that hasn't already.

Oklahoma vs. USC


Now please keep in mind, in three weeks I have the right to come back and change all of this when half the teams I picked start losing every week.  :)

In the end, who really knows what is going to happen after three weeks.