WWE Conspiracy Storyline: Why the WWE Has a Chance to Make It Epic

Sam AliContributor IIIOctober 4, 2011

For about the last two months, we have been treated to an interesting storyline in the WWE. I think Jerry Lawler said it best: Someone backstage doesn't want Triple H being COO of the WWE and they are trying to sabotage his job.

But who could it be? John Laurinaitis? Stephanie McMahon? Maybe Vince McMahon?

There have been many speculations all over the Web and on this very website, but I'm not here to pull names out of a hat as to how this storyline will transpire. I want to stress the fact that whoever it is or how this storyline ends is pivotal to the future of the WWE.

The WWE began the year with many questions surrounding what the future of professional wrestling was going to be. After months of obscure story-telling, failed pushes to mid-carders and playing hot potato with the WWE and World Heavyweight titles, many fans began to see a downward spiral ensuing.

But of course, all that changed on the night of June 27, thanks to Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk. His epic shoot promo was the shot of adrenaline that the WWE desperately needed. And following the (kayfabe) removal of long-time chairman Vince McMahon, we transitioned into the first major storyline of this new era. And believe me, the WWE can't afford to screw this up.

After last night's vote of no confidence by the entire WWE staff and roster (minus a few notable people), this storyline has reached a point where the climax is right around the corner. Like in the summer of 1996 when we didn't know who was the third man for the Outsiders' team at Bash at the Beach. Or three years later, when we were wondering who was the higher power to the Corporate Ministry. Those were great moments created by great booking decisions.

What if the third man was Ric Flair? Would WCW still have swayed the Monday Night Wars in the their favor?

What if the higher power was Shawn Michaels? Would the Austin-McMahon rivalry still become the greatest in WWE history?

Again, I don't want to speculate who it could be. But this storyline better not end like the Nexus angel did. Or even worse: the Vince McMahon illegitimate son debacle. Like many Attitude Era-born, die-hard wrestling fans today, I am seriously considering not watching wrestling anymore if they screw this one up. I see way too much potential for this and the last thing I want is a stupid end to a possibly epic storyline.