Bleacher Creatures: Let Us Take B/R To The Next Level

Micah GreenCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

I would like to start this article by saying...I love being on Bleacher Report!

I get to discuss sports with people, get into debates (most of which are heated), and write!

Bleacher Report is getting more popular as time goes by. Sports fan to sports fan, people are telling each other and spreading the word of this site.

Unfortunately, my fellow Bleacher Creatures—there are certain things holding us down. Bleacher Report is under attack from the inside!

As of late in the past weeks, I have noticed articles that have nothing to do with sports. Instead the writers felt the need to write about things like: politics, stocks, the latest big bang experiment (bust).

I could go on and on!

This is a site where writers should have fun talking about sports...not your personal thoughts on the world. There is a place for that, but I do not believe that place is here.

Bulldogs and Gator fans, Colts and Pats fans, even Red Sox and Yanks fans, you may disagree on every sports subject, except that Michael Phelps is the greatest swimmer of all time (no one can deny it!).

I plead with you for this one time come together!

We may all have our own agenda or ideas, but I think we can agree that we all want to propel Bleacher Report to the next level.

Go Bleacher Report!!!